They should totally make a bluebonnet colored spray paint! {just had to throw that out there!}


A neighbor of mine did a little photo shoot in the ones by my house….ohhhhh so freaking cute!!
















Just a little cuteness to brighten your day Smile


{pretty} little chairs

I think I may be addicted to this little chairs Smile I have 3 of them now, just sitting around my house making me happy with their cute fabric and bright colors!  

The fabric I got at Hob Lob and while I was there I just happened to wander past  the spray paint aisle….where I just HAD to have Krylon’s Gum Drop {the purple one}….shhhh don’t tell my boyfriend Rustoleum Smile  The green is Eden from good old rusty himself. 

{if you would like to see the yellow one click here} I’m super heart loving that purple color though…hmmmm wonder what else I could do with it???

So yesterday at Wally World I picked up the most delish strawberries….huge and SO SWEET!! Yummmmmm. I was a good mom and shared with Miss Madison, but this is what happens when she’s done and you don’t take her plate away fast enough…
She’s taking a whip cream bath.


look at that cute mustache!  I guess she watched me put them away and now apparently she can open the fridge by herself.
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on keeping her from climbing out of her crib!  I thought about getting a crib tent, but decided to just go ahead and put her in a big girl bed.  I just took the front off her crib, I don’t understand why I need to pay 200 bucks for the conversion kit? She hasn’t rolled off the bed once, good to know because it saved me money Smile  She’s done really well, which totally shocked me!  Of course she’s found new uses for it…

Which led to this…


So I spent some time rearranging, which she was not happy about.  Never a dull day!


Happy Easter!


Don’t you just want to eat her guts?? I love that she will actually WEAR hats, but no bows Sad smile





We took her to her first egg hunt, but by the time it was time to hunt eggs she was pooped and ready to go take a nap!




I can always use a nap Smile  While going through the pics I came across one I thought was pretty funny.




My husband was totally checking out my a**! Nice to know I still got it!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter!  My plan is to steal Madi’s candy from her Easter basket {apparently I’m no longer awesome enough to get my own basket!! ugh.} and do a crap ton of homework.  2 more weeks and then I’m free for the summer!!!! woo hoo!! I have a ton of projects I can’t wait to do!!


I spy


I’m linking up to Little Miss Momma for the I spy, Nooks and Crannies, party!


I spy….Miss Madison and her Daddy watching UFC together at 6 in the morning.



My pretty little flowers I couldn’t resist while I enjoy my morning coffee.



I spy….the zebra head I scored for a buck at a yard sale. {love} {love}



A toddler who doesn’t like to be told ‘NO!’



The extra moment I had while getting dressed to finally wash my brushes.



The one lonely Easter decoration I put out.



Make sure you head on over to the PARTY Smile 

Happy Thursday!


Who is REALLY in charge.

Do you want to know a terrifying way to wake up at 3am?  Hearing your child scream from right outside your bedroom door when she should be sleeping in her crib!  I was sure someone had broken in to the house and let her out because there is NO WAY she climbed out of this….


See the baby gate up vertically? The high part of the crib in front? That this is over her head and I have no clue how she got out!! I guess she wants a toddler bed even though I’m not ready for that, how do you keep her from getting out of bed and playing with her toys at night??

I’m also not ready for this.

This may sound bad, but diapers are just easier! She loves her potty and is always taking off her diaper and peeing in the pot over and over again.  I just don’t know how to get her to hold it in between, guess I should really go buy a book about it.

I’m going into survival mode at school, finals finals finals.  Stress, stress, stress.  Why can’t she wait to grow up when I’m free for the summer? I guess we know who is REALLY in charge!

I have managed to get in a little crafting, it helps me destress Smile

{before} a little table my nice neighbors gave me!

{after} A little metallic spray paint, black glaze and some swirl remover to make it shine {the stuff you use on cars!} gives it a mirrored finish!



Heppy Hump Day! Oh man, I'm so tired I can't even spell happy right.


Pretty in Pink

I heart pink. Like a lot. I wear it, paint with it and would totally drive a pink car if my husband would ‘let’ me! {On a side note I saw a Zebra painted SUV and have concluded that, YES,  there is such a thing as too much zebra!} So back to my love of pink, once I hung pink curtains in the living room.  My husband was ok with it because it was around my birthday and he wanted to be nice, but this time when I started to carry in pink furniture, he asked me if why I was trying to emasculate the house.  I told him to be happy I only wanted a pink corner and not a pink accent wall Smile

The corner was just so DARK before, it needed some color!


Ok, maybe it’s just the table, I just felt the pink on the walls needed some a pink friend.


$20 dollar thrift store deal+ Rustoleum {berry pink and silver} with a little black glaze on the top.


I even put a little design on the top and stenciled with spray paint! Worked like a charm!

In other news we ran another 5k this weekend and I’m soooo proud of my hubs!  He ran it in 32 minutes which is 2 minutes faster than last month!! {For those of you who are new, this is his 3rd 5k and he’s never been a runner, I got him hooked!}  My time was 30:37, which is my best time to date.  I even had a super nice compliment from a stranger, she came up to me after the race and told me she was really impressed with my pace.  Sooo made my day! Smile 


We had a blast and I even convinced him to do a 10k with me next month.  Hopefully it’s not 95 degrees outside! Fingers crossed 

Happy Monday!


Favorite Things



I’m feeling the need to spread some  love of my favorite things, so I’m linking up over at Cleared For Takeoff  for the My Favorite Things~ March edition!


I’m super heart loving the Tiara Tees from My Tiara Fits, they are soft and ‘worn’ looking and just so cute!




I even look cute from behind Smile





Maybe because Spring has finally sprung, but I’m obsessed with decorating my head with flowers!




{Excuse the windblown hair, we’ve had 90 mph winds like everyday for the last week!}




This headband  is from Junkie Headbands and I really want to get another in brown tones Smile 


Some of you know that I love playing soccer, but it comes with a downfall…..soccer tan.




So not pretty and I just refuse to wear shorts with that tan line!  So break out the 20% off {your ENTIRE purchase!} coupon and run out to Ulta and grab the best self tanner ever.




It’s kinda pricey at 21 bucks, but so worth it! The towels are easy to use, the color looks awesome and NO STREAKS! 


Happy Hump Day!


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