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I woke up this morning feeling weird, then I remembered…..oh yeah I’m 30.  Is it weird that I’m more sad my baby is turning 2 in 2 weeks than I am about my own self getting older??  I’ve never felt better, so why be sad Smile   In fact, I’m more bummed my DL is expiring today, I really loved my picture!  ha! So my super awesome mother in law wants to buy me a little happy for my birthday and I’m having trouble deciding what I want! A little help from y’all would be appreciated.  My bedding needs a little facelift and I’ve found a few I like, but getting the right size seems to be an issue.  The Martha Stewart quilt I have is a king size, but doesn’t even cover the sides of my mattress which is sooooo annoying. 




I super heart love love love this one from Urban Outfitters.


Again it only comes in one size, queen!  I seriously want to die I love this one so much Red heart


I found 2 at West Elm that I like and they do come in the right size {not all bedspreads are created equal and I need it to be at least 106 inches in width to cover my bed}. 




So far this one in white is my front runner.



These two from Target are beautiful, but I couldn’t find sizes anywhere on their website.  Then after reading the reviews there were a few that said they didn’t cover the sides of the bed.  Bummer, probably why they are so much cheaper!






This one is too expensive, but beautiful none the less! From Anthro.




Do you guys have any suggestions for me??


  1. Gurl I am with you on being more sad when Kelcee gets older than me LOL...Hey quit rubbing it in I am 33 so I am feelin' ancient about now bahahhha

    Girl swoon over the first bedding wow...LOVE and I love the first white one best too!!

    Hey I find amazing deals at Neiman Marcus website sometimes you should take a looksy! That is where I found Kelcee's Zebra Patch bedding

    Love the zebra sheets girl, we are so much alike LOL


  2. I know I think I may cry tomorrow. My baby is turning two as well :(

    I love that Anthro bed spread. I actually saw a tutorial on how to make it. It is somewhere in blog land, if you are interested! Looks like it would take a lot of time, but I think it would be worth it!

  3. I just saw a lot that I think fit your style at Anthropolie here in Austin (www.anthropologie.com). They sell King, but looks like it's 104 in. Might be worth a look though - super cute!

    ~ Candice

  4. First off..not sure when your birthday was but Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Second...I love the circle pattern of the red one and I think it would be gorgeous in white! I say gor fo it!

  5. I have been eyeing that ruffled gray one from urban for a while. Target has ones similar to the anthro one right now. :)
    Happy birthday!

  6. I Like the last gray one and the one from target. I like the white one, but I would be afraid that somthing would get on it from the kiddos. Pretty sweet present tho! Happy birthday!!!

  7. I Like the last gray one and the one from target. I like the white one, but I would be afraid that somthing would get on it from the kiddos. Pretty sweet present tho! Happy birthday!!!

  8. I big fat puffy heart love the coral one from West Elm. I've oogled over that bedspread for no less than 6 months but couldn't take the plunge (didn't go with the rest of my decor) but you SHOULD take the plunge!

  9. Oh and have you checked Overstock for bedding?

  10. Hi darling! I love all of the shirred and pin tucked ones! I have a west elm one now and have gotten anthro ones as gifts in the past and it is definitely worth the investment bc you will keep them for years! Enjoy! xox!

  11. Try overstock.com. I really like their bedding. We have a king as well and it sucks when the bedding doesn't cover - or go over both of you in the middle of the night.

  12. I think the one in pink that you wanted to get in white is gorgeous!

  13. I love the Anthro one. Here,s a suggestion. You could always add fabric to it to make it cover all the sides. Canvas drop cloths are great and inexpensive. You could really make it your own, with your talent. Or you could buy two fulls and sew them together. Cant wait to see what you have decided on.

    Happy Birthday !

  14. I saw that one @ Anthropology and was totally drooling over it. I need to just make one myself but am a little scared to do it. I have a tan duvet cover on my bed right now. So boring! I definitely need a change. Oh, and the one from Urban Outfitters? To die for!!!!


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