Something even better than new floors!


I know, what could be make me happier than my new floors??




Finally breaking past 170!! Ugh, I’ve been hovering at 170-171 forever and I just wanted to see a dang 6 on that scale Smile

Anyways, on to my new floor!

I’ve been dying to rip up our carpet for years, but my husband doesn’t really have a problem with dirty carpet {which means he didn’t want to shell out the cash for new flooring}, but Miss M is quite a mess and I decided Spring Break was a great time to do it. {If you know me then you know I always usually win the home decorating battles!}  We went with the Allure by Trafficmaster at Home Depot, it runs for 1.99/sq. ft.  I love that it’s flexible and quiet underfoot, looks awesome and was “pretty” easy to install.  Not that it wasn’t a ton of work {probably didn’t help to have a toddler underfoot!}. 




Ripping up the carpet was the easy part.  Then we had to fill in the holes in the cement left from the nails in the tacking carpet strips.  Waiting for that to dry was hard for me, I’m impatient!




Next we busted open the boxes and got to work!




See what I mean about having to entertain a toddler while breaking your back? Smile  After 2 VERY long days of work, 1 bottle of Advil, bruised knees and a 1,001 squats we are done!








We still need to lay transition strips, but that will have to wait for this weekend.  My husband gave me the best compliment while we were recovering on the couch!  He said I was awesome and he was so proud to be married to me because most wives would let the guys do all the work, but I was sweating and working even harder than he was! Awwwww.  I did feel pretty awesome when we were done, except for the fact that I could hardly walk Smile


  1. It feels good to get down and dirty and get something productive done. Looks good.

    Miss Madison looks like she was a hard worker. Maybe she is preparing to be the boss lady when she gets older.

    Congrats on the new digits on the scale. Whooo Hooo!!! Keep it up!!

  2. Girl!!! I am so proud of you!!! Not only are you busting your weight loss goals but you laid an new floor. You Rock!!!

  3. Great job girl! Both on loosing the weight and on the floors. They look great and so do you! And I remember how hard it is to put flooring in. We had our done when we moved in last October. A pain in the butt, but SO worth it in the end!

  4. Woo hoo for being in the 160's! All that hard work and squatting probably helped! :) LOVE the new floor!

  5. Girl, you need your own home improvement show.

  6. Hi Megan, Congrats on both! Cheers to you! The dining room is lovely! xox!

  7. You realize that the weight loss was totally good karma for kicking ass in laying those floors, right? Great job!

  8. First off I love your hot pink footsies!! I am going for a mommy/daughter day with Kelcee tommorrow for a mani/pedi and hair done I am so excited, I am thinking hot pink or zebra print LOL imagine that...hahahaha

    Girl congrats on your weight loss you look fantastic and you have worked so hard at it!

    That was so sweet what your hubs said, that is awesome you pitched right in and helped! You go girl hammering nails while Maddie's on your back...a workout and floors done all at the same time lol talk about multi-tasking...


  9. Congrats on getting that 6. I am in the same spot. I am stuck right around 170 myself. I know what you are feeling.

    I love the floors! I wanted to do that to our old house. The one we owned :( but never got around to doing it. We now rent and the house is wall to wall carpet (including the kitchen and bathrooms). Hubby is going to ask if they have ever thought of laying laminate down and see if they will spring for new flooring. we are gonna offer to lay it, if they will just buy it! Cross your fingers for me, cause this off white carpet is nasty with 2 little girls!!

  10. Congratulations on your milestone!

    The floors look awesome - you're amazing! Great job!


  11. Wooohoooo! Great job on the weight loss! I’m about 3 pounds away from my big goal but I still have a long ways to go!

    Love the new floors. You knocked them out so quickly! It took us forever. Love the color you went with.

  12. Congrats on the 160's! I've been trying to break into a new decade and it's so hard!

    The floors look great!

    One thing I love doesn't even have to do with the floors. I noticed in one of your pictures that you have a bench in front of your fireplace. I have been trying to convince the hubby that we should do this to add seating and he does't agree. I'm going to have to show him your pic and say "see?! I'm not crazy!"

    Looks great!

  13. Amazing!!! Love love your dining room! You are a great decorator! Ummm Where did you get that adorable lattice stencil!?

  14. CONGRATS!!

    And the new floor looks great! I cannot wait until we can replace our kitchen (linoleum from the 80s) & bathroom (ugly 1960s tile) floors!

  15. Love your floors!!!

    BTW, I sooooo understand breaking out of the 70s - I did as well and it's the BEST feeling ever!!!! ;o) Congrats to you!!!!

  16. Great job on the floors and Congrats, you look great !!

    Love your Blog !

  17. your new flooring looks AWESOME!!! and all the bed spreads you picked are beautiful! I have that anthro one on my wishlist too!


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