Stenciled table

Do you remember the table I accidently bought at the thrift store?

I just couldn’t resist those cute chairs!  Well, I gave her a little face lift and here she is now!


I painted the table Polar White by Behr, and stenciled a scroll design on the top.  I gave her 4 coats of Polyacrylic to protect her from the toddler Smile


The chairs are painted Lagoon by Rust-oluem and covered in vintage burlap coffee bean bags!


I love her.  Like a lot.


Do you see anything wrong with this picture??

Yeah, that's where we have to put Miss Madison’s chair so she doesn’t use it to climb up on EVERYTHING. 


This is her spot whenever I’m on the computer Smile


The baby is having her second birthday party next weekend and I almost feel like it’s a wedding, so much planning and money!  Now I remember why I didn’t do a 1st bday party for her Open-mouthed smile Can’t wait to show y’all the fabulousness in the works over here!

Happy Friday!

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{spring} bedding



I woke up this morning feeling weird, then I remembered…..oh yeah I’m 30.  Is it weird that I’m more sad my baby is turning 2 in 2 weeks than I am about my own self getting older??  I’ve never felt better, so why be sad Smile   In fact, I’m more bummed my DL is expiring today, I really loved my picture!  ha! So my super awesome mother in law wants to buy me a little happy for my birthday and I’m having trouble deciding what I want! A little help from y’all would be appreciated.  My bedding needs a little facelift and I’ve found a few I like, but getting the right size seems to be an issue.  The Martha Stewart quilt I have is a king size, but doesn’t even cover the sides of my mattress which is sooooo annoying. 




I super heart love love love this one from Urban Outfitters.


Again it only comes in one size, queen!  I seriously want to die I love this one so much Red heart


I found 2 at West Elm that I like and they do come in the right size {not all bedspreads are created equal and I need it to be at least 106 inches in width to cover my bed}. 




So far this one in white is my front runner.



These two from Target are beautiful, but I couldn’t find sizes anywhere on their website.  Then after reading the reviews there were a few that said they didn’t cover the sides of the bed.  Bummer, probably why they are so much cheaper!






This one is too expensive, but beautiful none the less! From Anthro.




Do you guys have any suggestions for me??


Something even better than new floors!


I know, what could be make me happier than my new floors??




Finally breaking past 170!! Ugh, I’ve been hovering at 170-171 forever and I just wanted to see a dang 6 on that scale Smile

Anyways, on to my new floor!

I’ve been dying to rip up our carpet for years, but my husband doesn’t really have a problem with dirty carpet {which means he didn’t want to shell out the cash for new flooring}, but Miss M is quite a mess and I decided Spring Break was a great time to do it. {If you know me then you know I always usually win the home decorating battles!}  We went with the Allure by Trafficmaster at Home Depot, it runs for 1.99/sq. ft.  I love that it’s flexible and quiet underfoot, looks awesome and was “pretty” easy to install.  Not that it wasn’t a ton of work {probably didn’t help to have a toddler underfoot!}. 




Ripping up the carpet was the easy part.  Then we had to fill in the holes in the cement left from the nails in the tacking carpet strips.  Waiting for that to dry was hard for me, I’m impatient!




Next we busted open the boxes and got to work!




See what I mean about having to entertain a toddler while breaking your back? Smile  After 2 VERY long days of work, 1 bottle of Advil, bruised knees and a 1,001 squats we are done!








We still need to lay transition strips, but that will have to wait for this weekend.  My husband gave me the best compliment while we were recovering on the couch!  He said I was awesome and he was so proud to be married to me because most wives would let the guys do all the work, but I was sweating and working even harder than he was! Awwwww.  I did feel pretty awesome when we were done, except for the fact that I could hardly walk Smile


{Fresh} Kitchen Nook

After my little ‘helper’ decided to tear my bead board wall paper off the wall, I decided it was time for a fresh new look for my kitchen nook.  Well, one thing lead to another and it turned in to one heck of a project.  I’m not really a planner, I more get an idea in my head and decide it needs to be done RIGHT AWAY. Winking smile  After spending about 10 seconds in the paint chip aisle at Home Depot, I picked a color from Martha Stewarts new Precious Metals paint line.  I know some people plan out all the colors of their house and like them to be coordinated, but I like each room to have it’s own personality!  That’s just ME.  Apparently I didn’t know the color well enough to pick it again the next day so after buying the wrong color I decided I liked the darker color better.  After what felt like a decade of painting and putting back my décor, some of them items just didn’t go, so what’s a girl to do?? Bust out the spray paint Smile


Yeah, Elmo is just chillin’ after his lunch.




The paint color is Tide Pool and I super love it, the shimmer is fabulous!  It’s pretty hard to get an even coat so you don’t see roller marks, but use a small  {1\4 inch} nap roller and it really helps!  The bench and shelf got a few coats of  Rust-oleum Heirloom White and polyacrylic to keep them from chipping.  Poly is my new BFF, since my terror of a toddler is in destruction mode right now.


I made the curtains Smile My sewing machine and I had an awful fight, but we finally worked it out.


How sweet is this key? I have a love of bags so extra hooks are always welcome at my house!
And for those of you who stalk my blog to see my cute baby girl, here ya go…


Instead of destroying my house I took her to the arboretum and let her destroy smell the flowers.


It was a great day. 

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