Yes Mommy has a boo boo

I was soooo excited for my first game of the soccer season yesterday.  During the first half my ankle twisted in while I was running and I heard a loud {POP}.



Yep, I sprained my ankle, actually this is the first time I’ve ever hurt my ankle, hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting old! {I am turning the big 30 next month!}  I am so bummed that I can’t workout for a few days {hopefully just a few!!} and I’m limping around and I keep telling Miss M ‘Mommy has a boo boo don’t touch!’.  She wants to use it to climb up on the couch. 


Friday while I was outside running, my husband was ‘watching’ her and when I came in she had ripped my beadboard wallpaper off the wall in the kitchen! Ugh!  So I spent my day ripping the rest off and repainting.  I decided to try Martha’s new paint….




I forget the color name right now {and don’t feel like hobbling to the garage} but it’s a really pretty shimmery blue, well I ran out of paint and had to buy another one thinking I could finish it up after my game yesterday.  Yeah, so that didn’t happen now we just have to live with it half painted until I can climb that ladder again!


So what can I do??? Finish my chair!




Miss Madison held the top on while I screwed it in Smile She’s always a helper! See the paint color on the upper left?


I bought this beautiful heavy zebra fabric and painted the chair aqua blue to match my bedroom.  Is there such a thing as too much zebra?? Some days when I’m getting dressed and slamming on the hairspray I feel so Jersey Smile





Has anyone had a sprained ankle?  How long before you were able to walk\run\not hobble around?  I’m really glad this didn’t happen before my half and not during my spring break {I have big big plans for a project!} so I’ll try to look at the bright side of things!

Happy Monday!


  1. Yowzas! At least your toes look pretty! I'm totally jealous of your bench find, lady! Jasmin is starting soccer next month, and now you have me all worried, LOL! I'm one of those worry wart mommas.

  2. I've sprained both of my ankles a few times each. I think the longest it's taken to heal was like 4 or 5 days-not too bad. But RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and some ibueprofen def help speed the process a little! Hope it heals soon!

  3. Good luck with the ankle! LOVE the zebra print chair! :)

  4. Sprains are no fun! I rolled my ankle during a run a few years back. It took me months to walk right again but I kept rolling it. Stay off of it as best as you can and it should heel up pretty quickly. :D

  5. oh that chair looks awesome! but bummer about your ankle! that sucks :( i've sprained my foot before and i was only on crutches a couple of weeks. i hope you heal quickly!!

  6. oh noo your ankle!!! but that chair looks fab!!! and of course, we can never get enough zebra!!xox!

  7. Sending well wishes your way. Hope the ankle gets better soon.

    LOVE the chair. So absolutely awesome!!

  8. Booo for sprained ankles! I hope it gets better soon!


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