In a perfect world I would have time to hit up Goodwill every morning and run by the Salvation Army on my way home with a car full of awesome finds.  Oh wait, I have school, homework, a toddler, a husband, and oh yeah fitting in all that working out I do Smile  So when I thrift I like to find small stores that have less traffic and I usually can find a nice little treasure!  While browsing craigslist one day {in between classes, love the app for it!} I saw an ad for a a second hand furniture store in a small  tiny town about 9 miles from my house.  Now I live on the outskirts of Dallas and there is NOTHING out by me so I was super excited to find it.  Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark it and I couldn’t find the dang ad again.  Yesterday after school Miss Madison was running around like a crazy person so I thought lets take a drive and see if we could find it.   Well, who knew there’s a whole little tiny downtown area with some antique shops! Score!  I found a few things, but never found the one off CL, so I guess I will have to go back Open-mouthed smile




I love the shape of this chair, the bottom has a tag that say’s it’s from 1934.  I’m undecided on a color, I need to shop for some fabric first.




I guess she thinks it’s hers!


This next item  I AM SO IN LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE WITH!  Do you guys watch Design Star {you know back in the day before the people on it started sucking really bad}?  There was one guy Anthony who did the hot pink ducks on the wall.  Genius!


My husband wasn’t a fan of it, but you guys know my love of color {pink being my favorite!} Wellll…..




I found this retro sunburst metal thing with ducks!  It’s 39 inches across which is pretty big so I have no clue where to hang it just yet.  I DID just hang a hot pink mirror in my living room how awesome would this be in the same color Smile Smile Smile   ?


Miss Madi was such a good girl we went to the little park down there and they had a giant tractor she was having a blast on!





I had a question from a reader and I wanted to reply, but she doesn’t have her email hooked up to her account so I’m answering it here.  She wanted to know what kind of prep I do on my furniture before painting.  Well, I wash it down with TSP first.




Next I prime it with my Zinsser, I was using the latex {in a can} kind, but I’m totally switching to the spray kind, it’s faster and easier.  With the foyer table I used maybe 1/2 a can.




I already talked about Rust-oleum being my fav brand, with the foyer table I used about a can and 1\2, but I didn’t paint the inside.  I taped off the inside with plastic so no spray paint dust got inside.  Spray paint gives you a much more professional finish, the only downside is the limited colors {there still are some gorgeous ones out there!}


Happy almost Friday!


  1. Okay, first, share the address of that store!

    And second, my parents had that exact same duck thing in their living room for years! Now I think it's in the backyard on the fence.

  2. You can certainly turn one man's trash into TREASURE!!!

    What great finds. Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Oh Megan you found some great things! Love the little chair! I think it looks great as it. Good thing I didn’t see that before you.....it would make a GREAT photo prop!!!

    It's been way too long since I've thrifted. Your post is making me miss it more than I already do. Once I get this wedding out of the way I'm going to hit up everything thrift store I know!I really want to go to Canton this next cycle! I’m trying to talk myself out of it but I could use some fun new props for spring!


  4. Thats so funny because I found an old desk/table in front of a dumpster that I made my dad and husband grab, I am going to fix it up to be my make up table. I immediately thought of you and all your re-dos. Thanks for the primer advice.

  5. Love, Love, Love the bench chair! So cute!

  6. Megan you have got some serious talent! I might have to channel some of it this summer and do something similar. I can't believe some of the things you have come up with.

  7. Yay! Thanks for answering my questions! (I had no idea my email wasn't set up to my account. I'll have to look into that)

  8. Yeah... can we had the addy to the store?


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