Something to {WARM} you up

I love these little 'mini' photo shoot my wonderful photographer, Kendra Pryor, does.  Y'all know I can't resist a chance to dress up my little baby girl :)  If you live in the Dallas area you need check her out, she also does the most ADORABLE fur baby portraits!!

ps {her super pink and pretty dress is from Macy's!}


  1. ahhh too cute! those pics are incredible!

  2. What a sweetie! I love the cupcake photo.

  3. Oh my, I could just eat her up with all that cuteness. Love the pictures.

    Macy's does have some precious baby girl outfits; not that I've been looking or anything, HA!!

  4. So stinkin' cute and girly! Love it!

  5. Great photos and awesome dress. Look at all the hair she has now! She's been under hats for the bad weather for so long I couldn't tell!

  6. Thanks for the shootout Megan! She's was precious during her shoot and did such a GREAT job! The one of her Ohing at the cupcake cracks me up. She has some of the cutest expressions!


  7. She's adorable!!! Love these photos of her and I love Macy's for Ellie's dresses also. You definitely can't find gorgeous dresses at Justice. LOL!


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