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I’m sitting at home trying to think happy thoughts so I don’t go stir crazy.  I just HATE being home all day long and this ice situation in Dallas is really killing me Sad smile.    I put up with 100+ temps for months at a time and my reward is mild winters, well I’m being screwed over by mother nature. 

Anyways, I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about the dang weather!

After getting to the point where I have 2 pairs of jeans that fit {and 1 is my bling jeans, I’m pretty sure people would start to notice if I wore them everyday!} I decided a trip to Marshall’s was in order.  Why Marshalls? After seeing the 15 pairs sitting in a box I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on more jeans I will just shrink out of, hopefully!

I wish jean shopping was easier, they are all made so differently and it’s very hard for me to find a pair that fit right and are comfortable.  It was nice to look in a new smaller size Smile



These looked normal enough on the rack and they were SKIN FREAKING tight on just my calfs?!?! Weird!



These make me look really pear shaped, or worse than I already am Smile




The pockets were so high on my butt, it made it look huge! Ugh. I was really ready to quit looking at this point {I hate trying on clothes}



Grey pants, ummm maybe NOT.



Is it just me or are most pants like 3x too long for you?  Even with heels I couldn’t wear half the pants I tried on with out getting them hemmed.




I think we have a winner!! Some nice DKNY, good color, fit and price.



And another pair made my butt look much better Smile   and just because I’m really lovin’ some stripes right now..



Cute, but it fit kinda weird around my boobies.




Total winner, super cute and SOOOO COMFY!



Hard to see, but it had a lace peekaboo in the back.


My {mini} fashionistia





Every Texas girl needs her pink boots!


  1. Cute jeans and cardigans! You look great!!

    Love your daughters boots too! Adorable, per usual! :)

  2. You look wonderful!!! Can I just say that I really don't like jeans. I wear dress pants every day and I just think they are more comfortable and look better on me than any pair of jeans I've ever owned. However...I do wear the Gap Long & Lean jeans when I wear jeans. They just seem to fit best for me.

    Um....little pink boots...I DIE!!!


  3. I love the pair you picked they are very flattering! Little pink boots are adorable :) I had a pair of pink ropers growing up...I was born and raised in Houston :)

  4. You look uh-mazing. I like the last pair of jeans too. I have to say that I have been shrinking out of jeans and while its exciting and stuff its alao super annoying because its either have sag but or buy jeans that aren't going to fit in a month anyway.
    your daughter is so cute, love the pink boots.

  5. I can't believe how much weight you are losing, chica! You look amazing! And I have a very similar sweater, but I got mine at Kohls, it's a Candies one. Looking hot, momma!

  6. I went to Marshall's the other day too. I got a pair of jeans!!! I don't know if your Marshall's is like mine but they redid the dressing rooms and for a dressing room-they were so much better. They have GOOD lighting now and nice mirrors and you don't look so bad! It was actually a good experience!

  7. Great pick! My favorite jeans are Banana Republic (I buy them at the outlet for 50-60% off) and Gap jeans. They fit me the best since I'm tall and have a big booty, haha. Love the pink boots too! :)

  8. I love Marshall's (designer clothing at discount prices!) but agree about the length on pants. I have lost enough weight to shop in the petites section. Do you have a Kohl's by you? They have the same pants in Short which is awesome. Not even petite so you can wear your real size. I love the stripped sweater too!

  9. Love me some new jeans. I may have impulsivly bought 2 pairs online right after Christmas. Anyway, Avery has those SAME boots and they are adorable with anything. Especially skinny jeans. Congrats on the new jeans size!

  10. I hate jean shopping! I always end up buying Old Navy Jeans-they aren't super skinny in the thieghs like all the other ones I try on. And on sale they are pretty cheap (like $10-15). The pink boots are so cute-I definitely want a pair haha

  11. Super fabulous! Love the top and jeans you decided on! And, yup, every Texas girl needs pink boots! My daughter has had a couple pairs! :)

  12. girl, you are super cute, rockin' your new jeans and tops. and you are super brave, putting some of those other shots up there! love it!


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