A little {spring} color


Another visit to my favorite new resale store ReSell IT! turned up some new pretties {or soon to be pretty} items!  The chair was only a 5 bucks, but really needed a little love.



Miss M and I took a little trip to Lowe’s where I let her pick the color, we had a little ‘learn your colors’ lesson while we were there Smile What a better place than the spray paint aisle?




She picked yellow and after a good wash and spray,with a little Ralph Lauren black glaze, I’m loving the pop of color!  Great pick baby girl Red heart




I also found the cutest foyer table, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for!





I’m going to put it here…




It’s the perfect size because it’s not that deep.




and I really love love love the stone piece on the top!




I had a vision of using Nifty Turquoise by Sherwin Williams with my black glaze {like this gorgeous door!}, but with all the curves on the doors I think a better option is to spray paint.  Man, I wish I could make my own color of spray paint! I’m open to color suggestions so bring ‘em on!  I’m loving the yellow of the chair, but with the black stone {that’s staying black} I’m thinking bumble bee….


  1. the yellow turned out beautiful, i love how the glaze adds depth!

  2. The yellow is gorgeous! I'm totally going to have to check out that place, you rock for posting a link to it!

  3. LOOKS fantastic! And cannot wait to see the 2nd piece! xox!

  4. Love it. Great color choice little one. She is learning fast, mom.

  5. Love it! Good job Madison! I'm excited to see how your second piece turns out. What if you went with an even deeper (mustardy) yellow ? Either way, I think it's going to turn out awesome!

  6. She did a great job picking out a color! That looks great. And that cabinet is going to perfect in that space!

  7. Love the chair! Love the color on the front door. I now have the urge to paint my front door turquoise. I wonder if my husband would kill me...

  8. You are one of our favourite customers also! Thanks for the shout out.


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