Another {FIRST}

I was invited by a friend to run in a 5k this weekend, only one little problem, it's a Vday couples kinda thing.  For those of you who don't know my husband there are a few things about him I should mention.
1. he's not a runner, or even someone who works out regularly.  He's one of those guys who equates lots of sweating with lots of calories burned.
2. he's not spontaneous.  At all.  He likes for their to be a plan and to know about it at least a week in advance so he can 'prepare' himself.  Whatever that means.
3. he gets very nervous going or doing things he's never done before.
4. he gets annoyed by how competitive I am {well, that and the amount of smack talking I do} I can't help it! I'm a first born and an Aries :)
5. the weekends are 'his' time and his favorite thing to do is stay home.  {can you say polar opposites??}

It's nice to know even after being together for a decade he can still shock the heck out of me by agreeing to do it and NOT EVEN COMPLAINING about it :)  At first he made me promise to stick with him and not to talk any smack {you know, like 'I'm totally going to kick your a**" or "Seriously it's only 3 miles, hurry up!'}, but now he said, 'if you need to run ahead that's ok'.  Somedays I just love that man.

I'm happy to get at least 1 race in before my half next weekend!  This ice hasn't been ideal for getting in long outdoor runs, hopefully we have some nice days next week so I can do a few small runs.

Usually when I'm in school my mother in law comes over and watches Miss M for me.  Well, she's in Hawaii right now {and totally making me jealous by sending me all those gorgeous pics!} so Miss M has been going to my Mom's house {She's Grandma and my MIL is Oma} and these are some of the photos I've been sent while in class.

It may be 20 degrees out, but who can pass up a 6 dollar Elmo bikini?

And a cute sailor outfit?

Grandma loves to give her a bath in the sink to make her sleepy for naptime.

Must be a great life to eat some pancakes, go shopping, and be kissed all day!


  1. Love the bikini shot!!! I am sure Grandma is loving her time with her.

  2. How sweet of your hubs! You know what they say opposites attract! My hubs and I are opposites too! Love that he joined it without even complaining about it!! They sure can shock ya when you least expect it hahaha

    Love the photo shoot of Miss M and yes ittle ones sure do have it made with Grandmas LOL


  3. That 5K sounds like so much fun, can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

  4. Run your hinny off! Madison has such a great grandma! How lucky are you that you have family that can help you out while you in school. That's great!


  5. Awww...he's a keeper! Maybe you could take it easy on him and only smack talk once (or twice!) during the run!! Good luck!!

    Love the bikini and sailor dress! Looks like she's ready for Summer!

  6. I agree at least stay with him in the beginning..and then make sure to kick his butt at the finish line! I hope ya'll have a great time! One day maybe we'll join you!

    Oh and love the bikini? We must know where it came from!

  7. Your husband and my husband must be separated at birth. I guess opposites do attract. And seriously, who can pass up that toddler tummy! Love it! Miss M sure is lucky!

  8. You half IS NEXT WEEKEND! Good luck girl, you are going to rock it. And have fun on your fun run this weekend. Looks like a good one! Maybe I'll make Dan do it with me next year.

  9. Oh how fun !!! I'm running a Valentine Twosome 5K relay tomorrow with my friend :)
    Can't wait to hear about yours!

    LOVE the pics of your little sweetie! Ahh the rough life ;) Seeing your little girl in the sink brings back memories of my bathing my lil girl in the sink.... Good times!

  10. Love her elmo outfit! SO funny! And yay for your hubby just going along with the 5k! I hope you have fun :-)

  11. How much fun!!! I can't wait to hear how you both did!!! And I'm loving the shots of Madison's days with Grandma. You should make that a weekly post. :)


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