Yes Mommy has a boo boo

I was soooo excited for my first game of the soccer season yesterday.  During the first half my ankle twisted in while I was running and I heard a loud {POP}.



Yep, I sprained my ankle, actually this is the first time I’ve ever hurt my ankle, hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting old! {I am turning the big 30 next month!}  I am so bummed that I can’t workout for a few days {hopefully just a few!!} and I’m limping around and I keep telling Miss M ‘Mommy has a boo boo don’t touch!’.  She wants to use it to climb up on the couch. 


Friday while I was outside running, my husband was ‘watching’ her and when I came in she had ripped my beadboard wallpaper off the wall in the kitchen! Ugh!  So I spent my day ripping the rest off and repainting.  I decided to try Martha’s new paint….




I forget the color name right now {and don’t feel like hobbling to the garage} but it’s a really pretty shimmery blue, well I ran out of paint and had to buy another one thinking I could finish it up after my game yesterday.  Yeah, so that didn’t happen now we just have to live with it half painted until I can climb that ladder again!


So what can I do??? Finish my chair!




Miss Madison held the top on while I screwed it in Smile She’s always a helper! See the paint color on the upper left?


I bought this beautiful heavy zebra fabric and painted the chair aqua blue to match my bedroom.  Is there such a thing as too much zebra?? Some days when I’m getting dressed and slamming on the hairspray I feel so Jersey Smile





Has anyone had a sprained ankle?  How long before you were able to walk\run\not hobble around?  I’m really glad this didn’t happen before my half and not during my spring break {I have big big plans for a project!} so I’ll try to look at the bright side of things!

Happy Monday!




In a perfect world I would have time to hit up Goodwill every morning and run by the Salvation Army on my way home with a car full of awesome finds.  Oh wait, I have school, homework, a toddler, a husband, and oh yeah fitting in all that working out I do Smile  So when I thrift I like to find small stores that have less traffic and I usually can find a nice little treasure!  While browsing craigslist one day {in between classes, love the app for it!} I saw an ad for a a second hand furniture store in a small  tiny town about 9 miles from my house.  Now I live on the outskirts of Dallas and there is NOTHING out by me so I was super excited to find it.  Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark it and I couldn’t find the dang ad again.  Yesterday after school Miss Madison was running around like a crazy person so I thought lets take a drive and see if we could find it.   Well, who knew there’s a whole little tiny downtown area with some antique shops! Score!  I found a few things, but never found the one off CL, so I guess I will have to go back Open-mouthed smile




I love the shape of this chair, the bottom has a tag that say’s it’s from 1934.  I’m undecided on a color, I need to shop for some fabric first.




I guess she thinks it’s hers!


This next item  I AM SO IN LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE WITH!  Do you guys watch Design Star {you know back in the day before the people on it started sucking really bad}?  There was one guy Anthony who did the hot pink ducks on the wall.  Genius!


My husband wasn’t a fan of it, but you guys know my love of color {pink being my favorite!} Wellll…..




I found this retro sunburst metal thing with ducks!  It’s 39 inches across which is pretty big so I have no clue where to hang it just yet.  I DID just hang a hot pink mirror in my living room how awesome would this be in the same color Smile Smile Smile   ?


Miss Madi was such a good girl we went to the little park down there and they had a giant tractor she was having a blast on!





I had a question from a reader and I wanted to reply, but she doesn’t have her email hooked up to her account so I’m answering it here.  She wanted to know what kind of prep I do on my furniture before painting.  Well, I wash it down with TSP first.




Next I prime it with my Zinsser, I was using the latex {in a can} kind, but I’m totally switching to the spray kind, it’s faster and easier.  With the foyer table I used maybe 1/2 a can.




I already talked about Rust-oleum being my fav brand, with the foyer table I used about a can and 1\2, but I didn’t paint the inside.  I taped off the inside with plastic so no spray paint dust got inside.  Spray paint gives you a much more professional finish, the only downside is the limited colors {there still are some gorgeous ones out there!}


Happy almost Friday!


Foyer Table


I heart spray paint! I seriously want to paint everything in sight Smile  I LOVE lots of color and putting pretty colors around my house makes me happy.   I’ve tried a few brands and my favorite is Rust-oleum Painters Touch.




They have a ton of colors and the finish is gorgeous, no drips and the coverage is awesome!  I decided to try another new color, Lagoon, on my foyer table.









I shabbed {is that a word??} it up a bit with some Ralph Lauren black glaze and some ORB on the handles.




Painting with spray paint is so much easier than regular canned paint, I did this one in a few hours where it takes days with the other. 




Not sure how long my Pottery Barn looking glass ball with last, Miss M thinks all round objects are HER balls.  I’ll see if she leaves it alone after about 10 time outs. ha ha!


I found the cutest hot pink mirror on clearance at Home Goods and put it up in my living room.  You know you’ve been together with your hubs for a while when he doesn’t even blink an eye!  Winking smile









It’s been warm and sunny here the last week so in spirit of Spring coming, I cut off my hair and went blonder Smile  Now I just need a pedicure {ohhhhh sooooo bad!} and I’ll be ready to go! 


My first half marathon!


First I want to thank all my family, friends and readers who encouraged me to do this!  The comments really help me to be positive and remember, I CAN DO THIS!  The night before the race I woke up every hour because I was afraid my alarm wouldn’t go off, finally at 430 I just stayed up and ate some breakfast while surfing  the web.  By the time I had to leave I was so tired all I wanted to do was go back to bed Smile   I had jitters the whole way there and after seeing all the ‘super runners’ I was thinking ‘why the heck am I doing this??’




Good thing I had a cheering section!


The course was all HILLS, HILLS, HILLS! I swear the first 2 miles where straight up hill and I thought “OMG I’m never going to make it to 13!"”   The weather was gorgeous, thankfully.  I was ok for the first 7 miles and my feet started to hurt {not loving my new running shoes!} I made some friends for 7-10 and after that my legs were killing me and I seriously don’t know how I kept running.




The last 2 miles were torture, I really wanted to finish in under 2:30 so I kept visualizing the finish and just kept running and running and running…..



It paid off because I finished in 2:27:52!  I can’t believe I did it, I’m soooo hooked Smile 




Miss Madison wasn’t feeling any sweaty, salty kisses from me. 




Even my ‘brothers’ came out to cheer me on, haha!

I’m pretty sore today, so I think I’ll take a day or two off from working out.  Next up, St. Patrick's Day 5k!  Who’s with me?


A little {spring} color


Another visit to my favorite new resale store ReSell IT! turned up some new pretties {or soon to be pretty} items!  The chair was only a 5 bucks, but really needed a little love.



Miss M and I took a little trip to Lowe’s where I let her pick the color, we had a little ‘learn your colors’ lesson while we were there Smile What a better place than the spray paint aisle?




She picked yellow and after a good wash and spray,with a little Ralph Lauren black glaze, I’m loving the pop of color!  Great pick baby girl Red heart




I also found the cutest foyer table, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for!





I’m going to put it here…




It’s the perfect size because it’s not that deep.




and I really love love love the stone piece on the top!




I had a vision of using Nifty Turquoise by Sherwin Williams with my black glaze {like this gorgeous door!}, but with all the curves on the doors I think a better option is to spray paint.  Man, I wish I could make my own color of spray paint! I’m open to color suggestions so bring ‘em on!  I’m loving the yellow of the chair, but with the black stone {that’s staying black} I’m thinking bumble bee….


Proud Mama!


If you have never run a 5k I sooooooo recommend you try it, it’s a ton of fun!  Although I wish they would start them a little later in the day, waking up at 5am on a Saturday is not ideal Smile with tongue out  My time was 32:04, I could of done better, but the first mile I stayed with my hubs.  He really started to slow down and told me to go on without him.   After I finished I was going to run back and finish with him, but I grabbed a drink and next thing you know I see him running up!   I have to say I was so proud of him!! He finished in 38 minutes, which I think is great considering he’s not a runner.  So if he can do it anyone can and you should definitely try it!!  When I came home and tried to download the pics off my card I found out my card was corrupt, ugh and I had the best pic of him after the race laying on the ground Smile  I’m glad my friend Heidi got a pic of us!




This Saturday is the big one, so y’all pray for me!  I’m really really nervous!

Remember the top of the dresser that I couldn’t use?  Well I found a use for at least part of it, I took out the mirror and painted the frame {Heirloom White} and made a little photo collage for my living room.




Hope everyone is having an awesome Vday!  Try not to eat TOO much chocolate Red heart



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