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Diets.  A dreaded word, but I honestly don't see myself as 'dieting' now because I've been doing it so long it's just how I eat.  I've tried them all and they do work, for a while.

{Jenny Craig}
This diet is great for losing about 50 pounds, then you pretty much get tired of paying 120 bucks {a freaking week!} for food that tastes not that great.  You can't live on prepackaged food!!  Sticking to this diet I lost about 5 pounds a week, but it doesn't really teach you how to make healthy choices.  Plus it's crazy super expensive. 

{Weight Watchers}
I joined WW about 6 weeks after I had Miss M and they really do have a wonderful program, but the weight loss {for me} was just REALLY slow.  After a few months I decided I had enough motivation to do it on my own without paying 40\mo to go to meetings. {I found a better source for that money which I will talk about later}  I think the meetings are great and it does hold you accountable!  Plus it's affordable!

I can't live without carbs and if you can stick to these restrictive diets for a long period of time, then more power to ya.  Not for me.

{How I eat now}
Honestly, it's not that hard.  Don't eat out!! It's basically all bad for you, even the salads.  Don't lie to yourself, yes Chick-fil-a is  'faux healthy' , but it's still FAST FOOD.  Those veggies you love so much at Cheddars, the carrots are soaked in brown sugar and cooked in butter.  Now you know why yours don't turn out that good!  

Don't keep unhealthy food at home, I know it's hard when your husband wants what he likes to eat.  Just get him on board with your plan and try some new recipes and find new stuff he may like. 

Don't eat when your not hungry.  I realized one night while I was cooking dinner that I eat dinner when my husband get's home just because it was 'time' to eat.  Now, I think about if I'm really hungry and if not I just don't eat! {Seriously it was a revelation! I don't HAVE to eat.}
Make healthy substitutions, I really like turkey meat better than red meat anyways :)  Buy low sugar, low fat, fake butter, {not Fat Free cheese, that crap is nasty!} egg substitute.   After a while it will start to taste good to you {at least it did for me}

Don't be fooled by packaging, learn to read your labels, check how much sugar is in those Fiber One bars!  Fill up on fruit during the day and veggies at night and don't deprive yourself, if your dying for some sugar eat a cupcake and move on.  They never taste quite as good as you think they will and you will probably regret eating it, but then it's out of your system!
{How many calories to eat per day}
Ugh.  Counting calories sucks.  Big time.  Honestly after going to the store, coming home, putting the food away and making the fricking dinner I have no patience left to sit down and figure out calories per portion size.   
I used Trainer Momma to figure out how many calories I should be eating a day, which was 1,994 + whatever my calorie burn for the day was. {My burn ranges anywhere from 500-1000} and I just can't eat that many calories {in a healthy way} in one day! I struggle with this and somedays it drives me so insane I just really hate even HAVING to eat food at all!!!!!!!   Then the apps on my phone are telling me to eat 1,200\day!   You all know I workout like a lot, so I try to eat lots of protein for my super muscles.  I try to drink a sh*t ton of water.  I *try* not to eat sugar.   I'd love to hear how some of you cope with the dreaded calories in\out!

Do you know what makes me feel better though?
73 degree weather in January.
and a lovely trip to the zoo with my baby. 

{Plus I finished my dresser! Yay!! I'll get some pics to share with everyone tomorrow.} Happy Weekend!


  1. Diet is a lifestyle change. We did the P90X before I got pregnant. I lost alot of weight in a healthy way. I can't wait to start again once the baby comes.
    Diet and exercise girl, it's the only way.

  2. I honestly think we are programmed to eat at certain times...7ish, 12ish and 6ish. Most of the time, I (like you) find myself eating because it's "time" and not because I'm actually hungry. I'm trying to reprogram myself, but it's quite hard!

    I downloaded the "Daily Burn" app, and found it helpful to see how many calories I actually consume on a daily basis. I need the visual to hold myself accountable.

    140/week for JC? Holy ripoff! :)

  3. A couple of other things I do: measure, measure, measure. I finally got a digital scale which helps. Tracking is also important. Plus, I eat with salad plates and small forks. Kind of weird, I know but it makes me feel like there is more food on my plate.

  4. I use Trainer Momma too. She has some good ideas.

  5. i'll let you keep amber because you used the phrase shit ton...

    i am quite fond of "shit ton."

    i wouldn't be surprised if on cohen's first day of school he said "damn, this is shit ton's of fun!"


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