Puttin' on my big girl panties

Snow, snow, snow, it all everyone is talking about!  We even got some here in the Big D, but apparently I'm a true Texas girl now because I'm hating every second of it.  It's too cold to paint, play outside and RUN.  After 2 days of being in a funk I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! 

I found the warmest clothes I had, layered those suckers on and headed out the door.  It was 19 degrees out.  {umm how uncute is my hat??}

Did a little running.

Some lunges.

Some squats.  {haha I totally look like I am bustin' a move or pooping!}

Some pushups.

And some jumping jacks when I got really cold!

I used to be self conscious about working out in my driveway, but seriously WHO CARES?  I told myself 'Megan stop worrying about it!  Who cares if you look like an idiot and your boobs are bouncing everywhere?'  At least LESS is jiggling now :)

There are lots of reasons to not workout.  I hate running first thing in the morning, but I have to do it before Daddy leaves for work.  I  hate finding a babysitter so I can go to the gym {Miss M HATES the nursery and screams the entire time!} I hate the heat and I hate the cold.  I WANT to be fit, so I put on my big girl panties and do it.


  1. Goooo you! I have hibernated in the house the whole time. And I love the new blog layout! I'm making Jake redo mine.

  2. You're my idol! Plus I love what you did with the new look to your blog!!

  3. Oh you got a new blog layout....very pretty! Love the fun colors!

    The pic of you lunging cracked me up!

    I thought I too may one day be dropping my kid off at the gym nursery. It never dawned on me that they might hate it thus ending my workouts! I went to a psychic for fun with some of my girl friends. The physic told me I'm going to be HUGE as in very, very, fat when I get pregnant. She even put her arms out in front of her to demonstrate. Apparently I'm going to need lots of workouts post baby! ;o) I already need lots of workout and baby isn’t even on the way.

  4. Snow in the Big D....hmmmm that's amazing LOL I lived in Houston after High School for awhile and I remember when I came back to WV I was a big baby when the temps hit 60 degress LOL....

    I love you hat, I do I think you are totally rockin' it....not everyone could pull it off and I am a bit jealous I can't LOL

    OK so your workout routine totally looks like your cheering LOL....I did all those excercises when I cheered....you totally look like your busting a move LOL you said pooping you are so funny!

    I am glad you put on your big girl panties, now remind me to put mine on and be a big girl when we travel to JHU tommorrow.....I am kickin and screamin about it like a two year old, so much so my mommy took us to dinner LOL...


  5. Ok, so your inspiring me, because it has been so cold here, like in the negs, that I have not been able to even go outside!!! I do on the other hand live in a neighborhood where the roads arent plowed so running is a low option right now. I just busted out some jumping jacks inmy living room. This might be the first summer in YEARS where I may be able to get into a bikini. Pray for me, lol.

  6. what are you talking about you have to find a babysitter to work out? Um, I'm a babysitter?! No, I'm Grandma! And then you also have Edie at your beck and call. You're one lucky girl!

  7. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it. But I totally don't wanna do it! That's good that you are, though.

  8. Wow girl you are rocking. I have to admit I have been bad an avoiding my walking due to the weather. I think you gave me inspiration to just do it

  9. Good for you girl!!! I can't even convince myself to run on the treadmill when it's cold outside. XOXO

  10. good for you mama! and i'm in the same situation. my kids HATE the nursery at the gym so i have to go at the buttcrack of dawn before anyone is awake...it sucks...but at least i get to work out!


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