Oh happy day!

Yes, today is my first day back to school and I must have been on an end of the semester high, because I signed up for 2 freaking math classes BACK TO BACK.  That means like 5 hours of hard, brain twisting thinking today. Ugh, BUT I finally gave in {after nasty coffee grinds in my coffee AGAIN!} and went and got one of these beauties!

I was a little hesitant {yeah they are kinda pricey} because I wasn't sure I wanted to have a coffee maker that didn't use regular coffee if I ran out of the k-cups {which are FABULOUS! no more messy grinds!!}
 Then the guy at Kohl's told me about the attachment....

This little cup with hold any coffee, SOLD!

Is it weird I got up early so I could use it?? I can't explain the addiction to coffee, if your a lover then you know :) SOOOOO YUMMMY!  A great start to my day!

In other news look what my fabulous Mother bought me for my bday....

Isn't she gorgeous?  I found a new resale shop in Dallas called Resell It and they have so much great stuff, I was in heaven! I saw this exact dresser going to 2x the amount on CL, it's Bassett and in awesome condition.

I love the waves and curves.  When I went to pick her up the lady was like 'oh I forgot there is a mirror too!'

Love the mirror, but I can't use it in the bedroom because of the TV on the wall.  Not sure what to do with it yet :)

Although some people are against painting over beautiful wood {Hey AC!} I that is exactly my plan :) I'm actually going to try something new after seeing this as inspiration.

I plan on staining the top darker and doing a off white with glazing on the bottom.  Eeekkkkkk! I sooo excited {seriously do you guys get this excited for projects?}  Hopefully if the weather is on my side I can start this weekend.  Ok, I better get off this computer and pick out my first day of school outfit  take a shower!


  1. LOVE my Keurig - It saves me so much $$$ on Starbucks!

    Thanks for sharing that furniture resale shop. We need a couple of pieces of furniture and I'm totally going to check there.

    Good luck with your day of math! :)

  2. I like coffee too.. but I"m a flavored creamer girl...

    can't wait to see what your dresser looks like!

  3. Woooo-hooo welcome to the Keurig family! No joke, my life changed the second I welcomed Mr. Keurig into my life….okay maybe not changed but I sure do love having one. I order my pods on-line though shoffee.com (just in case you needed a suggestion). You can also get them at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target but if you order on line you get more pods per box. The catch is that you have to pay shipping.

    Anyhoo I also wanted to say you’re are looking great! Good job with the weight loss. It’s awesome that you’re a mommy, wife, student, and still find time to work out! I hate that, that’s the 1st thing I let slide when I get busy.
    Love the new chest! Your mom rocks!

    See you and Miss M. on Friday. I’ll be in touch in a with some more indo and my address.

  4. I think you should rock your bling bling jeans your first day of school I am totally jealous you have some LOL....

    OK so you just totally sold me on the Keurig....Greg is gonna love you....I have been thinking about getting one and my friend Ashley over at Ashley's Avenue has been talking me into it and then I just saw they had the attachment for reg coffee and now greg is so gonna get one for Valentine's Day....did you say they had them at Khols?? Do they sale the attachments there?? I am stoked to get him one now....um your a bad influence hahahha just kidding....I wish you lived closer we would have so much fun shopping and you could totally show me how to do craft projects....I love the idea of painting that chest.....it will rock....Greg is gonna paint Kelcee's dresser soon....I'm excited about it....I am thinking about putting zebra knobs on it for added excitment....LOL


  5. I'm going to check out that store in Dallas. I live in the area and always looking for great furniture to paint.

  6. 5 hours of math, ugh! Good luck.
    Hope the coffee helps but with the Keurig it definitely will!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the cabinet. : )

  7. That's a whole lot of math! I hope you survive it all :-) Haha
    I'm really liking your coffee maker too :-) I'm totally understanding your coffee addiction... I hear ya girl!

  8. I want one of these coffee makers so bad!!! You'll do great in your classes. So excited for you!!! Can't wait to see what you do with those fabulous pieces of furniture!!! XOXO

  9. that dresser? AND mirror? SWOON!


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