New life for an old window

This is a little something I made my Mom for Christmas, which I can post now that she's opened it :) I had this window and it used to have dried flowers behind each pane, a little too country for my taste.

So I took it apart and cleaned it.

 I took my 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby and bought this little can of Looking Glass Mirror-Like spray paint {it's like 12 bucks and the can is not that big, this project took the whole thing}

After spraying it down I took a rag and wiped off random areas, then flecked it with black craft paint.

I mod podged some cute paper on the same side I spray painted and I did a different one on each pane.

The next pics are not the greatest because I had to use my phone :)  My Mom added some photos of Madi to it because she likes to stare at her grandbaby as often as possible, ha!

I really wanted to keep it for myself, but my Mom works a lot so she doesn't get enough time to craft, so I thought I'd be nice :) That's why I'm her favorite {sorry Daniel, Ben, and Katie!} Plus she's like really awesome :)

Check out the other old window I did!

Now, I don't know what the deal is, but Miss M just keeps banging her face up! {Sheesh} I'm not going to be able to take her out in public if she keeps this up :)

Plus she's sporting 'toddler hair', you know it's all crazy and different lengths. Are you supposed to cut and even it out or just let her look crazy until it's a good length??  I guess it doesn't help that she sticks her hands in the dogs water bowl and rubs it all over her head. Why? Why? Why? I guess I'm glad she stopped doing that with food {most of the time}.


  1. Beautiful window for your mom. Too cute.

    My aunt is a hairdresser and usually cuts little ones hair when the mom is ready, HA!!. I know that once you have a first trim to even the hair out then the hair will grow. Both thicker and in length.

  2. I have been coveting one of these old windows, but I don't know where to find one! and I am lovin the toddler hair! Baby W is in that same lovely hair stage!

  3. Very neat...you're so creative/talented! I'm sure she'll treasure it for years to come!

  4. You are so creative girlie, I wish I had half your creative-ness....I don't think that is a word, hey I will just make it up LOL

    OK so I am loving the window and the pink flower on the bottom!

    Maddie is so presh toddler hair and all LOL....Kelc hair did the same thing and I didn't cut it I just let it grow, one of my besties is a beautician and she told me that if I cut it it will just have to go through that phase again LOL....who knows all kiddos hair are different....wanna know what I did....I put a gimongous bow in her head and hoped peeps would be distracted by the bow LOL....

    I am so glad we have met on here to...


  5. My husband owns a window replacement business and we always have old wood windows at the office! I've made a few things out of them and LOVE it! This is very creative!!! Thanks for the idea. Thank you very much for visiting my blog the other day! I had a lot of fun doing the striped shower curtain, let me know if you try it as well!


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