My favorite accessory

I like jewlery, shoes and purses as much as the next girl, but I REALLY super love hats!  I just feel cuter or cooler as soon as I put one on.

This is really a 'faux' hat.  I guess you could call it more of a headband, but it covers your ears and doesn't leave you with hat hair. 

I loved these so much I bought another one, but it's made of a lighter material.

This is my pageboy hat, but it's pretty and silky. 

My go-to bad hair day hat :) You know I wouldn't have some boring baseball cap, gotta have that bling even on the 'off' days!

Wait a minute, that's Miss M's hat. Dang.

This was a xmas gift from a friend, how cute are those flowers?? I feel so french in this one.

As you can see Miss M was playing in my jewlery.   I have a bad feeling she going to start stealing my stuff sooner rather than later!

She doesn't quite get how to put in earrings yet.

She IS very close to having the Jersey Shore fist pump down though.  We only teach her the really important stuff.


  1. Your make up in these photos is so pretty! I think you look great in hats. My mom is always harassing me wear more hats, but I always feel like I'm too "fancy" if I wear a hat that isn't a baseball cap. I have a ton of those slouchy crochet hats, but with Texas not really having a winter, I never get to wear them.

  2. I don't do hats.. I look terrible in them! I dont' know if its my head shape or... my face

  3. I love the head wrap in the first pic!! My friend Ashley (Ashley's Avenue) has one like it!! That color looks fantastic on you chicka!! Oooh I love the French look hat to so sophisticated and oooh la la.....yes I just said that haha

    OK so that blingy cap rocks love it....

    Haahahah at Madison trying on your earrings....her and Kelcee would for sure be besties if ya'll lived closer


  4. what cute hats you have!! you look good in all of them. Have a great Weekend!

  5. I'm so totally jealous. I wish I looked good in hats because I think they are so cute. But I look horrible in them. Your floral one that your friend gave you is so cute! Love it!

  6. Love 'em! The last one is too cute! I love hats too, but my husband calls me "Blossom" when I do!! :)

  7. Love the hats and love the first pump, haha :).

  8. Love all the hats! My fav. is the first one..... and the nude flower hat!

  9. I love her in the background with pearls on

  10. What a super cute post this is!! I'm a hat girl myself, great for those lazy (I don't to comb my hair days). Miss M is sooo adorable!

  11. I look like a tool in hats but you look so good! I too love the picture of Madison in your pearls as your making sassy faces into the camera... priceless!

  12. Love all of the hats. So cute.
    But nothing is cuter than Miss Madison and her jewelry. Following in mommy's footsteps already : )

  13. You have the perfect face for hats!!! They look fabulous on you for real!!! My face is too round and they make me look more round.

    The earrings are cracking me up!!! At least she gets that they go on her ears. Nose you might have a problem. :) XOXO


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