Master Bedroom

So back in September I showed you my bedroom.  Here are some of the pics....


The red wall was the VERY first wall I ever painted, it's what my husbands calls a 50 ft wall, meaning it looked ok from 50 ft away :)  I'm not sure how I ended up with red all over this room considering it's not really my color, I guess it just kinda happened over the years. So I was ready for something lighter and I came across some pics of Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams {love love love} I knew that was my color!  When I ran up there to pick it up and I looked at the card I made the girl double check that this was the only Rainwashed they had, it looks very muted green, not a color I would have ever picked off a card.


I really need to hide those cords!

while cleaning out my closet I found that vinyl chandelier, LOVE when that happens!

Ahhh, I love the color! It's kinda blue, grey, greenish. Did you see my new nightstands? Well, my freaking bed is enormous and leaves very little room on each side {16 inches to be exact} and I found these on craigslist and they were the perfect size. Not really what I was looking for, but I couldn't pass up a PAIR of something in exactly the right size :)

A little Aqua spray paint and a cute stencil and I loved it!

I like that the lids flip up so I can hide stuff and it doesn't look cluttered :)

I also made a cute rosette wreath...

I found the tutorial here, but I will tell you I cut 250 felt circles and used maybe half AND the ink stamp trick DID NOT work :) So if you do this you have been warned! haha!


  1. Very pretty!!! I love the nightstands too!

    Thanks for the rosette tutorial! I may have to try to make one!

  2. wow love the stencil, the wreath, the curtains...great job

  3. You should be an interior designer chicka! LOL about the vinyl chandelier it took me like 5 seconds so realize it wasn't real it was vinyl!! I love that wall color....What a transformation girl....so cute, love love love it


  4. Gorgeous! I <3 your bedspread. Our bedroom is next on my list to be redone. Great job on the nightstands! I would have totally passed those up (they looked country at first) but with the new color and stencil, they ROCK!

  5. Love your Relaxation Oasis, HA!! So pretty. You did a great job.

  6. Wow love the transformation!! And especially love the wreath! I'm gonna stick that in my "to do" file:)

  7. LOVE the damask theme in your bedroom. I have been trying to figure out what direction I want to take our bedroom in and I am having some problems. Maybe I'll just hire you to figure it out for me since you are so talented!

  8. Love the more muted look!!! I'm with you...never been a big fan of red but I've always want a red wall. LOL!!! XOXO

  9. The room looks so good! The vinyl decoration with the chandelier on the wall and then the stencil on the side table are a perfect touch. I wish my husband would let me decorate like that!

  10. You are a talented gal for sure- I like the changes but I have to say..I LOVED the room before! My room has kind of the same color scheme as your room now and I'm itching for more color! You're so good at DIY though you could probably give a room a face lift in the blink of an eye!


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