Felt Flower Power

I really need to invent something that cuts felt circles really fast!  After the wreath I made {which required about a 100} and now this {super cute} pillow, I could make a killing off those too lazy to sit for hours and cut circles.  OR there already is one out there and I just don't know about it, ha!

Now that my mad sewing skills are taking off, I decided to try something a little harder.  Then I saw this tutorial over at Cluck Cluck Sew.  Beautiful right?  Y'all know I love me some color!

Can you tell I'm super happy it turned out??

Of course I had to add some bling :) {Actually my Mom gave it to me out of her stash, NOW that is true love! She loves her bling!}

I even bunched up the felt to make it stand up some, fancy ;)

Then I realized it totally matches the pillow I got for xmas! I may have to try a round one next.

On another note, Miss M got a little tea set for Christmas and she is OBSESSED with playing with it!  She's been having tea parties since I opened it! I could eat her sweet face somedays :)


  1. Megan - you did a great job! I just love this pillow.

  2. Looks great! Put me in the "too lazy to cut those circles" club, but I'm loving the finished product!

  3. that looks awesome. i love it. i would love to make one so i'll check out the tutorial. thanks for sharing.


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