Bootyshakin' Music

Music is absolutely necessary to a great workout!  This is my bootyshakin' playlist off  itunes and I thought I would share.  I'd love to know your favorite workout songs, my list is burned out from all those long runs!  {ummm sorry there are so many 'explicit' songs!}

 Click on the pics to see it bigger.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm always on the lookout for more upbeat workout songs. I have added some of these to my mix.

  2. Love your playlist! Thanks for posting!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana


  3. Check out a DJ called Girl Talk, specifically the albums Feed the Animals, Night Ripper, and All Day. He mixes old and new stuff (but it's all the unedited stuff, so no no for Madison. You'll find everything from Flo Rida to Nu Shooz (an 80's band) to Metallica to Chicago to Kelly Clarkson to NIN to everything else. Here is a video I found on youtube with his music. That's who I work out too.


  4. check out my playlist..

  5. love this list!! exactly what i was needing to give me playlist a boost..thanks for sharing. :)

    now i have no excuse for not working out haha. i can no longer use my workout time picking out music. haha.

  6. I was going to mention girl talk as well! It's such a great mix to work out to-really fast paced. Also, Kanye West's first album The College Dropout is really good to work out to :-)

  7. Nice choices! I work out religiously to Rihanna, Britney, and Beyonce.

  8. Most of these songs are on my Mp3 player :).

  9. Some of my favorite work out songs are: LMFAO: SHOTS, Christina Aguilera: Bionic, Prima Donna, & Glamour, Trey Songz Bottoms Up - lots of Britney, Gaga, Pussy Cat Dolls etc...things that remind me of going out and needing to look bad ass! I have a lot of the same songs as you do too!


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