5 Favorite things about my house.

My friend Jen over at Life Crafts and Whatever {we have actually known each other for 15 years! Yikes, we are old!} did a really great post about her house and I said I would do it too.  Then projects, school and a messy house got in the way, but never fear I always come through in the end :)   You can check out her post here and if any of you do one let me know, I love to check out inside peoples houses {uhhh that would be half the reason I blog!}

Here is my house, we moved here in 2004.

1. My huge yard {only because I don't have to mow it!}

Front yard {don't you just love brown dead Texas grass?}

Backyard {it's nice because the neighbors around me didn't put up a fence either so it's nice and open.

2. Madison's room
If I could of talked when I was born I'm sure I would have asked for this same room. 

3. My dining room.
I love this room because for the longest time it was the neglected room  It held a piano and elliptical machine we never used.  FINALLY I talked my husband into letting me put the elliptical in the garage and I gave the piano away.  Then I stenciled and found a hutch, now I sit in this room everyday {in fact I'm sitting at that table right now} I enjoy looking at all my hard work :)

4. Foyer
The foyer is straight across from me and those dang stripes just make me so happy.  Is that crazy?

5. Kitchen Nook

Honestly one of the best things I ever did was taking the table out of here.  I moved it to the dining room, I never bought a dining room table and for the longest time I was dying to get one, now I'm really glad I didn't! Who really uses a dining room table?? I think they are so wasted just looking pretty sitting in a room.  I added a bench with bins for ALL THE SHOES and Miss M has room for her little table.  The nook is much more functional for us this way.  I love when people turn their dining rooms in to awesome offices, a much better use!

You guys know my Mom is super talented at crafting and sewing right? Well, she saw this coat on another blog and made one for Miss Madison, how darling is this?

Yes, she is sniffing the dead tree.  She likes to sniff plants.
If your a decent sewer you should really try to make this, I think she said it was pretty easy.  Here is the pattern


  1. Awww, yay! You did one too! I love love love your casa! And I'm totally jealous of your kitchen nook! I wish J would let me have free reign to decorate, but the designer in him just won't give me total control. Thanks for playing along! And we're not young, we're experienced! And I found some pics of us from high school, and from the bar we used to work at. I used to be a hot mess!

  2. Your dining room is very striking, great job!

  3. Love your china hutch! Can I ask where you got it? I've been looking for a decent one for *ages.* :)

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog today! i can't wait to share his room, just wishing the sunshine would cooperate. dang Ohio, in January. :(

    darling rooms in your house. i love the idea of this post!

    and how sweet is that little Miss M's face, coat, and the fact that she sniffs plants! my 3 year old boy does the same thing!!! walking through the mall, he will stop and smell every fake plant that he sees. no lie.

  5. Your house is awesome! Love the big yards! We have that lovely brown grass now too! Very pretty...ha!

    I especially heart your kitchen nook, the stencils in your dining room and the foyer!!

  6. I love your home!!! So jealous of your awesome decorating skills!!! XOXO

  7. Love it! Love the stenciling in the dining room! Also the coat is the cutest thing ever! Checking out the pattern right now and putting it on my list of things to do. My list is pretty long so I should get to in the next year or two! :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. I looovvveee your yard - so jealous! I also love how bright your house is, such a beauty.


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