Santa and some trains

So I dressed Miss M all nice and cute, took a long drive (Oh and hit up a yard sale...wait until you see what I bought!) so she could nap, go to the mall and BAM bad mood Madi makes her appearance.  Santa was a no-go, good thing I still have a few weeks to get the timing right :) If there is such a thing!

Northpark Mall was still fun, they had kids caroling and playing instruments and a fun train display.  The trains were cool, but I didn't really dig the 6 bucks per adult to get in. 

She kept trying to grab the trains when they went by, pretty close too :) grandma got to wear the hat!

Hey summertime....it's like 80 freaking degrees here! In December!

Isn't her little outfit from Naartjie cute?!?  For some reason when I was looking through all these pictures she looked so BIG to me :( My baby is not a baby anymore.  She talks, laughs, and farts like a adult now.  Sad. On the bright side she is a lot more fun!!


  1. Adorable pics!!! Kids grow way too fast...

  2. Adorable pictures!! She really is getting so big.

  3. such cute pics! I need to take our girls to Northpark, they would like that.


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