{lovely} hutch

Finally, I'm DONE! I'm sooooo tired of painting and I'm certainly going to need a good massage this week from all the work I put into this thing :) Totally worth it!



{ps it's kinda hard to see in the picture, but the back is the same blue as used on the bottom doors}
{pss I'm just too tired to take any more pics!}

{How we kept Miss M entertained}

Now I just need to figure out what I want to put in it.  Oliver suggested we showcase his collection of shot glasses.  Not in this lifetime!  He also suggested we leave it 'as is' because, and I quote, "I like the 70's look".  This would be WHY he really has very little input on decorating around the house.  I will be taking a day of rest before starting on the next project, only 29 days left until I head back to school!


  1. it came out great. You did a super job.

  2. LOVE IT!! It really belongs in that room. I'm sure you'll find somehting to fill it with fast. And I agree with the shot glass not going in there. Same applies to Halo Wars pics and sports memorabelia. Sorry Oliver but your twin resides in my house.

  3. OMG, OMG! I LOVE it! You did a fabulous job girl! :)

  4. OH my gosh I LOVE it. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow it looks AMAZING! You did such a fabulous job!

  6. Oh wow it looks AMAZING! You did such a fabulous job!

  7. Oh Megan it’s stunning! I can’t even imagine how much elbow grease you put into that bad boy but all your hard work paid off. I have an old farm table, and a few other things in my garage that need to be refinished if you want to come over. ;o)


  8. Very pretty! You did a wonderful job!

    LOL at your husband's suggestions! men!

  9. It looks awesome. Great job! I love the anthro pulls.

  10. This is such a fabulous redo! I'm so impressed and inspired! Great job and thanks for commenting on my blog!


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