A goal met {and a sneak peek}

I have always HATED running, like A LOT.  I played soccer when I was young and the worst part of it was the runnnnnnning.  I was never very good at sticking to a workout routine, mostly because I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing.  I was one of those girls walking around the gym trying to figure out how to use the machines.  So not fun or motivating!  Before I got married I joined a new gym and got a trainer, who was great {I lost almost 50 pounds!} but after getting pregnant and not working anymore {good bye trainer!} I was B.O.R.E.D sitting home everyday.  So I ate, I was after all eating for 2! {unfortunately Madison didn't eat her half of the food}  Blah, blah, blah y'all know the story.

So anyways back to my running story.  After I was given the OK to workout {6 weeks after birth} I went to the gym.  I did a little walking and a few classes {I do love a good step class!} but I was not really into it.  One day at the park a new mom came and she told me about this bootcamp that was going on out by me.  She invited me to come and I said I would, but I was scared.  I didn't know ANY of these women and I was in the worst shape of my life.   Bootcamp just SOUNDS scary so I wasn't sure if I would actually follow through with it.  So the next night I just decided to do it, I mean what's the worst that can happen?? {possibly peeing in my pants, ha! I did just give birth!} So I went and it was rough, like I wanted to die or cry or just fall on the ground panting, but I made it.  Everyone was in better shape than me and I was very self conscience doing some of the moves {the dreaded jumping jacks!}  Plus I was the slowest runner, but I always finished and never quit {I actually think it's more embarrassing to quit}

When I went home that night I felt AWESOME! I felt like if I made it through that then what couldn't I do?  So I went night after night, never missing a class.  Then the stronger I got, I would add in the gym on the other days.  One night the instructor {Shout out to Heidi if she's reading this!} had us run a big lap around the school, I think it was like a little over a mile.  I was the last to finish, but I had made it and it felt so good!  After that I would get there early and run that lap by myself,  slowly I added length to my runs.  Could it be that I was running for fun?

2 weeks ago I decided to push myself and ran a total of 6 miles.  I couldn't believe it!  The next week I did 7.  I wanted to die, but felt great!  I had set a goal for myself of running the entire way around White Rock Lake, but I was scared {mostly of pooping out and being stuck on the other side of the lake!} Just so happened that it was 74 degrees in Dallas today, probably the last warm day for a long time, so I said what the heck, LETS DO IT!

AND I DID!!! 9.3 miles!  It took me close to 2 hours, which is like a 12 minute mile, but I don't care.  I did it and I wasn't face planted on the ground :)  I guess you could say I'm a runner now!

{sneak peek time}

Are you guys dying to see my hutch? I'm so IN FREAKING LOVE with this thing :) I only have the bottom {mostly} finished, moved it inside to make room in the garage to tackle the top.

these beautiful pulls were on sale at Anthropologie {good thing otherwise I would have passed!}

I'm loving the blue, it's going somewhere on the top too!

So big! In Daddy's shoes!

Ok back to painting for me! Happy Wednesday y'all! Ohhh, my Christmas pics should be here tomorrow, so excited to see share them with everyone :)


  1. I'm so proud of you running and losing all that weight! You are an inspiration to mamas everywhere!

  2. great job girl! you should do a half marathon! I did one last year and looooved it, going to try and do another this year too!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Way to run girl! You're blog looks great and I'll be back by to check it out often!

  4. Wow girlie you totally rocked the running and that pic of you finishing is so stinkin cute! I would have looked a hot mess....LOL

    OMG you are so great at projects that looks so good and I love the blue and the pulls too ya gotta love anthro....

    how cue she is in her daddy's boots....


  5. Congrats on the running, its seems your doing well with it. I just wished I could put my socks and shoes on..and start for a healthier me but nothing has pushed me enough I guess.. Well keep up the great work and keep those shoes on your doing a great job.. GOOD LUCK

  6. Congratulations!! I'm so glad you are now officially a runner. Not that I am but I do try from time to time :) I do step, weights, spin, swim laps (usually 40-50) well you get the picture but I just can't run to save my life so my hat is off to you for being a running athlete.

    That hutch is gorgeous. I can't wait to the big reveal of all of it. Is there a top? I love the knobs at Anthropologie and just ordered one for a table. It's mercury glass and I so love it but boy are they expensive.

  7. Good job on the run!! I absolutely Hate running. I like to dance the pounds off, HA!!!

    Nice job on the hutch too. So neat.

    And love the little one in daddy's shoes. Precious.

  8. That run is so impressive and exciting! I'm trying to get motivated to get back into shape - you are an inspiration ;)

    I love love love the hutch so far!

  9. Way to go girl! I admire you! I HATE running too :(

  10. You go girl! You've inspired me to start running again! :)

  11. Way to be! That's awesome! And how precious is that photo??

  12. OH WOW!!!!! Good for you! That is quite an accomplishment.

  13. WAY TO GO !!!!

    High five girlie! Love the pic of Miss Madison in her Daddy's boots :)

  14. That is so awesome of you! I was kind of the same way - never thought I would ever be a "runner" but one day last spring I just told myself to get over it and turned my walk in to a run (slow run...but a run). I've never gone the distance you just did though so that's AMAZING! How do you push yourself- I've been struggling with that - if it hurts .... I quit .... how do you "make" yourself keep going?

  15. That is awesome that you stuck to your goals and didn't face plant the ground! LOL! I trained for a marathon a few years ago. I am ready to get back into running!


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