Does this make me crazy?

Saturday I was having a bad day,  I pulled a muscle in my back when I was lifting Miss M out of the highchair and couldn't workout.  I guess you could say I've become a tiny bit obsessed with working out, I try to not let missing one day affect me (FAIL).   Not only did I miss a day, but it was cold out (which ALWAYS makes me hungry!) so my will power went out the dang window at the grocery store.  I bought a bag of Lay's.  I heart chips, like I could seriously eat a bag in a day.  THAT is why I never never never buy them. THEN while I was taking a nap (I know, I know) the freaking boy scouts came to the door to deliver the chocolate popcorn, ugh.  I can't resist chocolate when it's in the house. 

Now please tell me I'm not the only one who has to talk herself out of bad choices ALL DAY LONG.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who took the chips and dumped them out in the trash.  The popcorn too.  {{argh}} I hate to waste food and I'm pretty sure if Oliver see's it he's going to think I'm crazy, but the darn stuff was TALKING to me from the pantry! 

Hmmm have I told y'all I've lost 80 pounds? No? Yep, oh and I set a new {{personal}}  record of running 6 miles and doing 140 squats.  Pretty proud of myself :) I need to take some updated full body pics soon!

Madison started her first Advent calender today, Oliver was maybe a {{little}} sad HE didn't get to eat the chocolate :)


  1. o fun calender!!!
    Congrats on the weight loss mama! And I understand what you mean. If i don't workout every day.. then I will seriously go like a week without it.. but if I keep doing it at least a little every day.. then I can keep it up so much better

  2. Honey, I've raised three daughters and what I hear is PMS. You are craving salt and chocolate and needing a nap??? Yes, PMS. Don't beat yourself up. We all have days like that.

    ITA about the workouts. I'm a royal pain if I don't get my workouts. Not so much for the weight stuff - menopause has already wrecked havoc on my metabolism - but because it keeps me half way sane.

  3. Oh you are so not alone! I do the same thing!

    By the way my youngest has the same outfit your daughter is wearing it is so cute

  4. This is the cutest....Madison with her first Advent Calender and she totally looks like she is lovin' getting to eat that chocolate!

    I gained like 40 lbs when I was engaged to the hubs and dropped it super quick with Slim Fast bars and shakes, not the healtiest way but it worked and I got down to 108lbs....then after I had Kelcee I lost most of it really quick and was down to like 120 but I started getting sick and now the steroids and chemo are making me gain what I was whenI lost 40 lbs blech....I can't wait to get it off but I can't do anything until my legs start working so I can excercise and the steroid weight comes off....

    I totally have done that with girl scout cookies and doritos the hubby thought I had lost my ever lovin' mind but then I reminded him I never really had one to begin with LOL


  5. 80 pounds?! That's awesome! And I wish I could dump out junk out food, instead I just eat it all. Nice willpower!

  6. Where did you find the Advent Calendar? I would love to find one for Kendalyn.

  7. I need to get Landyn an advent calendar. What a wonderful tradition you are starting. :)

  8. Wow congrats on the weightloss that's fantastic. Also I hate to admit it but food totally talks to me from the pantry as well. Ahem. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some comment love :+)

  9. That takes some pretty impressive willpower! I am the same way with chocolate- if its there I will eat it. Especially chocolate truffles. Which is why I make Dan hide food from me - which sounds wierd, but it works!


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