Daddy's Day Out

Or Mommy's Day Off, whichever sounds better :)  School's out for the holidays, which means I'm only here on Earth to cater to Miss M's every wish.  That pretty much gets old after a day, so when I heard Santa was serving pancakes at the firehouse, I made sure Daddy was up BRIGHT AND EARLY to take {little} Miss for some 'bonding' time!  I dressed her up in her red and green and this is how she acts when I try to take her picture....

sticks her face to the floor while saying 'NO NO NO'

runs away

atleast I got her face

Oliver totally tried to give me a 'honey do list' before he left, I  just smile and nodded while having NO intention of doing any of it :)  They had a wonderful time and stopped at Bass Pro on the way home, where he said she had fun, but judging from the bear picture I'm not so sure...


I can just hear her saying 'not know' {{for I don't know}}

So what have I been doing with all my free time???

Doesn't everyone paint while sipping Starbucks?  I primed for hours today and while I was alone in my garage, sipping my Starbuck, listening to my ipod, I thought, wow today is a great day.  Another sucessful semester under my belt, I ran a record 20 miles this week, a great family and just hanging out doing something I love, I just feel so blessed today. 

{{ hmmmmm after re-reading this I kinda sound, annoying?? Like I have a perfect life, which I DON'T.  Hello! I'm almost 30 and still in college :)  I just had a really good day, that all.  Just so people don't get the wrong idea about me....}}


  1. Haha, I didn't get annoying from it at all! If you can't post about day that your life FEELS perfect, what can you post about? :-)

  2. That baby has such a personality!! She will grow up and move mountains with all her energy and spirit. Love the adorable photos and what a cute outfit!

  3. You're not being annoying just having a blessed day. Love Madison's pictures. So cute.

  4. Oh my goodness, she is sooo cute

  5. See your another Dallish girl as well! Love your blog and your little girl! So precious!

  6. Whether Madison is agreeing to photos or not, she is still a doll. That outfit is to darn cute....

    Take care,


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