Christmas turkey and a bench

Whew, can I say I'm glad it's over?  I had a sugar hangover all day yesterday and required a 2 hour nap to recover! Now I just need to talk my husband into taking down the tree while he's off for the next 2 days :)  His birthday is tomorrow, so I probably should just let him sit around and watch his Clint Eastwood movies. 

I cooked my first turkey, I guess I'm a big girl now :)  I was really worried about it being nasty, but I used this fool proof recipe called The Brown Bag Turkey and it was DELISH!
I hate touching raw meat!


Miss M got a new table and chairs for Christmas and LOVED it!  She sat at it and opened her gifts, she would tear into a gift, throw it to the floor and say 'more please'.   Argh, the way she's says 'pwease' is so darn cute!!

 A friend of my Dad's sent this awesome box of candy from the 60's, they don't make it like that anymore!

My sister having fun with the mustache.

Candy cigs

With all of her new toys I had to rearrange her room, which is impossible with her around.  She took everything out I put away and them climbed into the closet to sit in her old baby swing.

Now you know I had to fit in a little project, can't waste any time!  I had this old bench for like YEARS, in fact it sat in the box for 2 years before I even put it together.  I decided it didn't match any thing so I bought some cute fabric and recovered it.



I added this cute pillow my Mom got me for Christmas.


  1. Love the bench. Looks like you had a nice holiday. I am ready too to take things but my family would kill me. Enjoy your day!

  2. Megan,
    You are so cute girl! LOL at the pic of you with your first turkey! It is so gross the first time um getting all personal with the turkey and all trying to find the neck and gizzards blech LOL....Yay that it turned out soooo well it looks really pretty! I found this Southern Living Turkey Recipe a few years ago and it is soooo good loooove it....I will share if you want :0)

    Look how cute Miss Madison is and um I love the Hot Pink Table and Chairs eeeeeeeeeek where did you get them? They would totally match Kelcee's room!! Oh I forgot to tell ya that Rudolph hat of Kelcee's was just a paper hat from the Town Center Mall they gave out for seeing Santa....it is super cute :0) Next year I will get two and mail ya one LOL

    OK so I am so jealous about the old school candies....I loooove candy cigarettes and Razzles....remember them? OK I am gonna tell ya when I was 13 my friend and I thought it would be super cool to pretend to smoke the candy cigarettes with the powder sugar that made the puff of smoke while walking hahahahh can I be more of a dork hee hee

    Lovin' the mustashe, Kelcee and I get them out of the Krogers machines all the time

    The bench is fabulous girl

    Happy Birthday to your hubs

    sorry this is a book


  3. M looks so cute in her closet. HA!!
    Your turkey looks amazing. Yum-O.
    Love the bench...too cute.

  4. your turkey looks amazing!! and i LOVE the bench, that fabric is adorbs! and the mustache...well you know i love it!

  5. Every time Cameron says "please" it is so cute I end up giving in and giving her whatever she wants. Fortunately that is usually just for me to pick her up. But she is getting heavy! You look fabulous, by the way...and the turkey looks good too!

  6. Your turkey looks yummy!

    Love the candy! I wish they still made candy like that these days!

    Miss M is too cute, as usual! Love her new table/chairs!

    Oh and that bench/fabric...ah-mazing! Love it!!

  7. you have to come over and help me decorate my house.. I love love love everything you do! Move to michigan so we can be friends!


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