A {12 dollar} makeover and some exciting news!

No, I am not pregnant.  Why does everyone always assume that when a women has news?? {Although it's not from lack of hinting on my parents part!} First, the makeover!  Ok so when I painted and stenciled my dining room I hated how my table looked and a new one is not in my budget right now.  So what's a girl to do? Buy 12 bucks worth of fabric from Hob Lob!



I really debated about painting it, but it's used so much I know it would chip and that would drive me crazy!  The fabric matches my wall perfectly, so happy!  Now I'm obsessing over a rug, my husband is not feeling buying a new one since we spent so much on the one we have.  THAT is why I hate to buy expensive stuff, you feel like your stuck with it forever {or at least HE does}  Hopefully if I keep a eye out, I will find the perfect one on sale :)

And can I just say, THANK YOU, to my Mom for Miss M's new table.  The NASTY, DIRTY, YUCKY highchair is gone!! Blech, I hated that thing!!

Ok now for the big news! I signed up to run a HALF MARATHON on Feb. 19th! I thought, what the heck, it's right before my 30th bday in March, so what better way to feel good about turning the big 3-0 than to do something you never EVER thought you could! Wish me luck, hopefully I'm not the last person to finish, THAT would be bad :)


  1. Gorgeous, Megan! I'm jealous of your house :) No worries on the half marathon, you can do it! <3

  2. How fun I would love to run a half marathon..good for you!!
    Ethan got a table and chiars for christmas too but I dont think I'm brave enough to get rid of the highchair yet:)

  3. Girl you’ve always got some type of project going on. I wish I had that drive. I’ve been feeling super lazy lately.

    That’s awesome that you signed up for a marathon! You right, that is a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday!!!

  4. Good for you! I keep telling myself I am going to run a half and them keep wimping out. Is it the Cowtown?

  5. That is great news! You will feel so accomplished after you finish the half-marathon!

  6. that is so funny as if you was answering what i was thinking i totally thought you were gonna say you were preggers LOL

    I love the makeover it is so amazing how a bit of fabric can make that big of a difference, I wish we had a hob lob closer ours is like 45 min away

    loving the pink table for miss madison and she is so cute

    yay on the marathon congrats


  7. Love the fabric. Absolutely beautiful.
    All moms are telling me horror stories about the high chair. Not looking forward to it.
    Good Luck on the marathon.

  8. Recovering our dining room chairs is high on my to do list. We just got an heirloom set from my father in law that has been covered with some ugliness. It will look great with some pretty fabric. You did a fantastic job.

  9. Gorgeous redo on the chairs!!! I love the little table for Madison. Too cute!!! XOXO

  10. That fabric on the chairs is SO perfect! Sometimes the smallest changes can make such a big differnce. Good call!


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