Plate wall

Tired, so tired.  I'm not sure WHY I thought painting and stenciling the living room in one day was a good idea.  Then Oliver had to open his big mouth and say "I don't think you can do it in one day", well I showed him!  Not only did I do it, but I painted the huge room ALL BY MYSELF. Yeah.  Stenciling an entire wall is MUCH harder than I thought, but I heart it :)

Anyways I will be showing that room soon, I still have to put everything back up.  In the meantime I needed something to pass the time because I have an indoor soccer game tonight, AT 10PM! Ya'll know I'm in bed by 830 most nights, so I need some help staying awake! I had these plates in the living room, but I thought now that my dining room is a pretty they could reside in there.

The mirror I made was too small for the wall. 

My little helper, I'm lucky she didn't break any, it wasn't from lack of trying!

She did help pick up all the tape!

Much better, but those green curtains HAVE TO GO!  If y'all see some good sales on curtains~ email me!

I think she was putting the tape 'away'. 

She 'helped' make cupcakes yesterday while I was painting.


  1. Love the idea of plates on the wall. And so smart to tape it out and organize it on the floor.

  2. LOve the stencil wall and what better motivation than if the hubs says I betcha ya can't do that all in one day, I have been motivated many times by that statement alone LOL

    Love the plate wall super cute, I will let you know if I see any sales on curtains I do know pottery barn has sales on curtains around good friday, you should keep your eyes opened for it....they go quick

    Madison looks super cute with chocolate cupcake on her face how presh....


  3. So creative! I love looking at all your crafty projects!

  4. LOVE the wall! Love those plates, too! Jackson would have had those broken in 2 seconds flat! :)

  5. That looks terrific! I love the idea of plates on the wall! What a funny last picture!


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