Living Room wall

I have absolutely HATED the huge wall in our living room for as long as we have lived here.  The problem really is not the wall, but the giant TV my husband loves and honestly, have you seen my house, I had to give the poor guy SOMETHING!   It's a tough job to find something to fill the space, but the TV is not centered on the wall so anything not centered behind it looks weird, my OCD can't take it.

Some befores:

It's weird, now that I have been staring at my new wall this looks AWFUL to me!

There are the plates I moved to the dining room. 

Stenciling an entire wall is H.A.R.D.

Finally got around to doing a 1 year wall for Miss M. I pic for each month of her first year.

Love the color, Sharkey Grey from Martha Stewart.  I moved the table that was here....

to here.  I have a piece I found that I desperately need, but haven't jumped on it yet.  Patience is a virtue :)

Y'all know even my ceiling fan is gussied up!

Knowing we were doing Christmas pics this weekend, Miss Madi took a dive into a chair leg.  Then she caught the nastiest cold ever and sounds like an old dude who has been smoking for 50 years.  Poor kid.

That's why I let her do this, whatever makes her happy.


  1. You did an awesome job on the wall stenciling can you do my house next? LOL....love the transformation so dramatic and wonderful! I love the ceiling fan too! Did the tv even get a makeover or did ya get a new one? It looked brown in one pic and black in the new ones LOL....

    Awww poor Madison....Kelcee did that when she was 1 1/2 she got a big ole bruise on her head and we went and had Santa pics taken we still have that photo LOL....I hope she feels better soon

    great job girl....


  2. As one OCD decorator to another, your life will be full of "those" walls with "that stuff" that will never be centered or even. Grrrr... but I do know exactly how you feel if that makes you feel any better.

    Miss Madison looks like she's been in a bar fight. She will look adorable in the photos.

  3. HOLY COW! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE STENCIL AND COLOR! i am so jealous! i want to do that somewhere in my house!!!!!

    HOLY COW madi's poor face! lol that looks like it hurts! poor kid!

  4. omg!! i can't believe you did all of that yourself in ONE day! that's amazing!!! it looks fabulous!!! and poor baby girl...little miss presley had a week like that recently...breaks my heart! hope she's feeling better :)

  5. It looks AWESOME! And I love the fan!! If I didn't have a house full of dark wood (walls, ceilings, fans, etc.), I'd definitely copy-cat!

  6. The wall looks awesome! That stenciling must have taken forever!

  7. The wall looks awesome! That stenciling must have taken forever!

  8. I think it all looks fabulous!!! Great job girl!! XOXO

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and saw what color you painted your living room - I just did mine in the same color a couple months ago! I LOVE it, and am thinking of painting my stairway and hallway the same color. Anyway, just thought that was interesting:)


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