Have I told you all that I have the most awesome brother? He picked the EXACT right spot to move to.....

15 minutes from the best shopping in Texas!  Not having to pay for a hotel room is freaking fantastic and gives you extra shopping money....well that's how I justified it :)  We shopped from 10am to 9pm and even Miss Madison did awesome, or as awesome as she is capable of being.

Now I told myself, NO CLOTHES FOR THE BABY, before I went.  Welllllll, then I came across this FABULOUS store, Naartjie Kids.  Never heard of it, but OH MY they have the cutest clothes and not just for girls, the boy stuff was ADORABLE!  Yeah, we went twice in as many days :)

They mix the most wonderful colors and layer pieces together.  OH and the fabric, cotton~velor~tulle, is just gorgeous.  Gymboree move on over, Mama has a new favorite store! Hmmmm is it weird that I'm obsessed with children's clothing??!?!?
Anyway if you live in Dallas they do have a store in Southlake, which I'm sure I will be at soon.

Don't worry I made out like mad at Ann Taylor and a {{few}} other stores.  Shopping is much more fun when back in fighting shape!


  1. Wish I had a considerate brother like that, HA!!!

    Just might have to make a trip out there though and look into the fabulous store you visited.

  2. ooooh I am jealous. I grew up in Southlake maybe I need to go pay them a visit. I have to say I obsess about childrens clothing too. In fact I think I enjoy buying the girls clothes more than for me

  3. Have you ever been to the Ann Taylor Outlet in Allen? Its fabulous! (The Outlet itself out there is a particular favorite of mine.)

  4. well if you want to buy some cute boy stuff.. I know at least one baby boy who'd LOVE it! hehehe..

  5. Love the colors in the last outfit!! And no...it's not weird. When Ellie was a baby I swear I bought something for her at every store we visited. :) XOXO

  6. I think that would be my dream come true :) The closest outlet to where I live is an hour and a half away and they don't even have lots of home stuff :(

  7. Don't feel bad, I'm a fellow child's clothing shopaholic! :)

  8. I love those outlet stores. I wish I had a brother who lived close to them, because I'd be there all the time too! :)


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