Halloween Hangover.

Today is only Monday and I feel SO hungover from Halloween! We packed in so many activites over the weekend!

Grandpa's company had a fun company picnic, this horse was so friendly!

We did the batting cages and I KICKED SOME BUTT! Must have been the pink helmet :)

Miss M and grandpa playing some mini golf.

She didn't quite get the rules!

A few meltdowns, of course.

Went to a Fall Festival and it was WAY too crowded so we did the pony rides and left.  She love it once we got going though.

Even with her stranger danger phase going on she LOVED trick or treating!!

Her stash that I'm sure Daddy is going to eat!

ps I wanted to let everyone know that the stray dog is safe and sound with the old farmer guy down the road.  He was out walking him yesterday :)


  1. I can see why you’re tired! Looks like a fun and eventful weekend. Love the last pic....too funny!


  2. Cute pictures. Love her costume! PRECIOUS!

  3. That photo of her surrounded by her candy is priceless! Glad you guys had a great weekend (and glad to hear the pups okay!

  4. Girl I feel ya on the Halloween weekend I still feel it major as well! Um I love Madison's black and orange tutu did you make it? So stinkin' adorable! I am lovin' that she is playing golf on hot pink felt and that the pony she rode had hot pink hair and your shirt is hot pink LOL I think we love us some hot pink I know I sure do :)
    She is the cutest little strawberry EVER....I am lovin her strawberry shoes!!

    Glad ya'll had a great Halloween

  5. oh my goodness, how cute! Looks like you guys had a jam packed weekend!


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