Morning {{crap}}

"No, no, no, NOOOOOO Madison!" That's what I woke up to this morning.
"MEGAN! I need help!"  {{sigh}} Fine I'll roll out of bed even though I'd rather lay there and plan out my day before my feet hit the cold floor.
"THIS is your child." Those would be the words I hear before entering her {{smelly}} room.

She has decided that she wants to sleep in the buff.  She DOES get hot when she sleeps, but not being potty trained mean she pee'd AND poo'd on the bed.  I'm seriously not capable of handling this {{crap}} before my coffee.


Merry Christmas!

I know I'm early for Christmas, but I LOVE Black Friday!  The excitement of Christmas shopping is contagious and who can resist awesome deals? Not I!  3am wakeup call, Starbucks by 3:30 and Macy's by 4, they have the BEST boot sales!! So in the spirit of the holidays I'd like to share my decor with you.

As you can see my cat loves the tree too!

I have quite a collection of glitter and bling for the Holidays!

A pink tree is a must around here.

My favorite items are these houses :) I need a bigger mantle for them all!

I don't remember where I got this sparkly pink garland, but I need more of it!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Living Room wall

I have absolutely HATED the huge wall in our living room for as long as we have lived here.  The problem really is not the wall, but the giant TV my husband loves and honestly, have you seen my house, I had to give the poor guy SOMETHING!   It's a tough job to find something to fill the space, but the TV is not centered on the wall so anything not centered behind it looks weird, my OCD can't take it.

Some befores:

It's weird, now that I have been staring at my new wall this looks AWFUL to me!

There are the plates I moved to the dining room. 

Stenciling an entire wall is H.A.R.D.

Finally got around to doing a 1 year wall for Miss M. I pic for each month of her first year.

Love the color, Sharkey Grey from Martha Stewart.  I moved the table that was here....

to here.  I have a piece I found that I desperately need, but haven't jumped on it yet.  Patience is a virtue :)

Y'all know even my ceiling fan is gussied up!

Knowing we were doing Christmas pics this weekend, Miss Madi took a dive into a chair leg.  Then she caught the nastiest cold ever and sounds like an old dude who has been smoking for 50 years.  Poor kid.

That's why I let her do this, whatever makes her happy.


Plate wall

Tired, so tired.  I'm not sure WHY I thought painting and stenciling the living room in one day was a good idea.  Then Oliver had to open his big mouth and say "I don't think you can do it in one day", well I showed him!  Not only did I do it, but I painted the huge room ALL BY MYSELF. Yeah.  Stenciling an entire wall is MUCH harder than I thought, but I heart it :)

Anyways I will be showing that room soon, I still have to put everything back up.  In the meantime I needed something to pass the time because I have an indoor soccer game tonight, AT 10PM! Ya'll know I'm in bed by 830 most nights, so I need some help staying awake! I had these plates in the living room, but I thought now that my dining room is a pretty they could reside in there.

The mirror I made was too small for the wall. 

My little helper, I'm lucky she didn't break any, it wasn't from lack of trying!

She did help pick up all the tape!

Much better, but those green curtains HAVE TO GO!  If y'all see some good sales on curtains~ email me!

I think she was putting the tape 'away'. 

She 'helped' make cupcakes yesterday while I was painting.


Have I told you all that I have the most awesome brother? He picked the EXACT right spot to move to.....

15 minutes from the best shopping in Texas!  Not having to pay for a hotel room is freaking fantastic and gives you extra shopping money....well that's how I justified it :)  We shopped from 10am to 9pm and even Miss Madison did awesome, or as awesome as she is capable of being.

Now I told myself, NO CLOTHES FOR THE BABY, before I went.  Welllllll, then I came across this FABULOUS store, Naartjie Kids.  Never heard of it, but OH MY they have the cutest clothes and not just for girls, the boy stuff was ADORABLE!  Yeah, we went twice in as many days :)

They mix the most wonderful colors and layer pieces together.  OH and the fabric, cotton~velor~tulle, is just gorgeous.  Gymboree move on over, Mama has a new favorite store! Hmmmm is it weird that I'm obsessed with children's clothing??!?!?
Anyway if you live in Dallas they do have a store in Southlake, which I'm sure I will be at soon.

Don't worry I made out like mad at Ann Taylor and a {{few}} other stores.  Shopping is much more fun when back in fighting shape!


Rain Rain go freaking away!

It's been raining for days, well ok like 2 days, but I'm over it.  Miss M doesn't do well being cooped up inside.  We have had a lot of this today...

and some of this when I said "NO you can't go outside!"

Finally around 5 the sun came out so I picked her up and threw you out the door, well not literally :)  We walked out to find birds had invaded our backyard!

Of course she wanted to chase them!  She came back full of mud, GREAT.

I needed a little happy time so I took this mirror I had picked up at GW.

I painted, glazed, stickered, and flowered it.  I feel much better now!


Halloween Hangover.

Today is only Monday and I feel SO hungover from Halloween! We packed in so many activites over the weekend!

Grandpa's company had a fun company picnic, this horse was so friendly!

We did the batting cages and I KICKED SOME BUTT! Must have been the pink helmet :)

Miss M and grandpa playing some mini golf.

She didn't quite get the rules!

A few meltdowns, of course.

Went to a Fall Festival and it was WAY too crowded so we did the pony rides and left.  She love it once we got going though.

Even with her stranger danger phase going on she LOVED trick or treating!!

Her stash that I'm sure Daddy is going to eat!

ps I wanted to let everyone know that the stray dog is safe and sound with the old farmer guy down the road.  He was out walking him yesterday :)


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