We have been adopted.

I love dogs, just not on my bed or carpet or well anywhere in my house.  Grandma has 2 really cute ones and visiting them a few times a week is all I can take.  I just can't take the mess of dog hair and drool.  So when a stray started hanging around our house I just ignored him.  Days turned to weeks and he's still there, giving me pitiful stares everytime I leave the house.  Oliver even accused me of feeding him because he just sleeps in our yard even though there are plenty to choose from.  Well, I was about to call the city to come and get him when a neighbor down the street said he's been feeding him and trying to get close enough to take him in.  Apparently this dog is in love with Miss Madi and I and comes running everytime he here's M's screams outside.

See those sad eyes?

She was trying to share her water with him.

No wonder this dog loves her, she found a stick to throw for him.

Everywhere we go so does the dog.

I'm working on a future soccer player here!

I really do feel bad for him, but I just can't take in any more pets\kids\messiness!  He followed me on a 2 mile run yesterday so now I'm sure everyone in the neighborhood thinks he's mine :)


  1. Oh no!!!! Are you sure he's a stray? I am serious, if he is a stray let me know and I will come and get him and find him a good home. Homeless puppies break my heart. Seriously- email me and let me know!

  2. He's adorable. Looks like a Border Collie. I think you have a dog, might as well embrace it :) Sometimes dogs find us....my dog jumped in the back of my car and it was love at first sight and she's my girl - adores me. I think the dog adores Miss Madison.

  3. How come I never heard of this dog until now? See, you don't come spend enough time with me! Meanie! Poor little dog just wants some love!

  4. oh that's so sad. I hope you feed him?? LOL.....Hope your husband isn't reading.

  5. he's so cute.. you have to adopt him! show him love

  6. Please, please call your local SPCA and have them pick him up so they can verify he's a stray and hopefully find him a good home. Stray pets make me sooooo sad.


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