The Terrible 1 and a half's

Yes, it's true.  She may look cute, but little Miss Madison has definitely got a bad case of the terrible 2's. ( All though these are a myth, they actually start at 1 and end around 3, I think!)  Now I'm not being dramatic, I know the difference between tired and whiny and just plain bad behavior.  This is NOT teething.  I wish!  I actually miss the old days...

Madison and Daddy Sep 09

She is very defiant and willful and some think it's cute, but it won't be cute forever.  I say sit and she stands, I say walk and she throws herself on the ground, I say eat and she clamps her mouth shut and throws her food. Whew, it's a workout everyday!

Madison Oct 2009

The problem I have is how do I curb it?  It's impossible to make a toddler sit if they don't want to.  Or eat.  Or walk.  Basically the only thing to do is pick them up and leave.  There is no bargaining or reasoning with them.  I know she is just being a kid and they all go through this, but boy it's sure putting a damper on baby #2!!  Oh and the 'fat' picture I came across when I was looking through the October 2009 folder on my computer, yikes! Anyone want to just give me a kid so I don't have to be preggo again?? Please?

Just for your viewing pleasure here is Miss M out to eat this week last year.

And this year.  Yes, she is sitting ON the table, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to eat a meal.  At least she's not doing her 'Indian Yell'.

She's really loud.


  1. Girl, we are right there with you! It's tantrum city over here, literally every 5 minutes Paul is throwing himself hysterically on the ground. This will pass one day, right??

  2. hahaha.. sure you can have this baby! :D

  3. Thank you for posting this! I was just talking to my husband about it! Sawyer is 16 months and just hit the same stage...HARD! I seriously don't know how to control/discipline a 16 month old?!?! Swatting his hand and butt don't work, sitting him in time out doesn't work, when I tell him no he knows exactly what I mean because he does it again and then runs as fast as his little fat legs can carry him! If you find the answer please SHARE WITH ME!

  4. We are just about to start this with our daughter who will be two on Monday. What our ped says is give time outs. It might be hard @ first b/c she's never done it before and you may have to keep putting her back in time out. It has worked well for our three older girls. Our youngest actually stays in time out b/c she sees her sister's do it

  5. Honey, honey, you know I've raised 3 daughters....and, well, they only get LOUDER, lol. This video is so cute!! I miss all the noisy days of my girls growing up.

    As for the behavior stuff, looks all normal baby to me. Some babies are more strong willed than others. My two that had the strongest personalities did very, when they were older, with peer pressure because they held their own. Never any issues with drugs or alcohol experimenting. The one that was the quieter baby/child, had a harder time just saying no.

    My granddaughter, Hannah, is very very strong willed and wears her mommy out. I keep telling my daughter that those personality traits that she sees now will truly be wonderful when Hannah is older. Our grandson Nathan, he's so quiet and easy going. The two have completely different personalities.

    It's hard to discipline a baby. I understand. As Madison gets a bit older time outs, taking away toys, or putting her in her crib for quiet time will be much easier.

  6. We're at 2 years, 8 months and some days I think a vacation to the psych ward would be totally relaxing and starts looking very good! He started around 20 months but it wasn't so bad. I often think I am crazy for even contemplating #2 but then I think about how much I love him and how rewarding motherhood is on the good days.

  7. Ummm, I think you just decibed my life in this post. Ethan is the same way..naughty, whiney and defiant. Sometimes I wanna pull my hair out. I also second the seragate mother. I gained 100lbs with Ethan thank God I lost it all but it scares me for baby #2. Ill just starve myself and feed the baby lol...impossible!

  8. Oh my gosh, I so identify with you on this post! Hard to believe that our cute little ones can throw such a tantrum, but boy oh boy can they! If you find something that works please pass it along to me. I'm going to try a few things someone sent me in an email. If anything is successful, I'll let ya know! But on the flip side, she sure is cute! Love the wide eyed look in the high chair pic of her last year! Too cute...what a difference a year makes, huh?!

  9. Did you guys go to the balloon festival (background of one of your photos)??? We used to live right next to there.

    Sorry I can't offer any advice on MM. When our dogs are being bad we lock them in the laundry room? I kid, I kid.

  10. Can I just tell you as a mother of a (almost) 10 year old that you will not remember any of this. I'm sure she threw fits and acted crazy but it's not what I remember at all. I do remember her climbing into my lap to watch television or to see the computer. I do remember the hugs and butterfly kisses. Now...you can have my 10 year old who is acting like a fool all over again. :) XOXO


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