Miss Madison's room

I'm interrupting my 30 day blog challenge to hang over at Kelly's Korner today for Show us your life: Kids rooms. I heart my baby girl's room so I thought I would share it with some of you who haven't seen it!

I turned her crib backward to keep her from climbing out and then she started getting over the side, hence the baby gate placed vertically next to her crib!

 I would love to add more shelving for pics, but she's still in the 'grab everything within my reach' stage, so it'll have to wait.

I bought this before I even knew she was a girl....good thing it didn't go to waste!

I spray painted these metal framed mirrors to match her room and added the ribbon.

Who doesn't love a huge glittered letter?

I have pictures EVERYWHERE, scrapbooks too!

Yeah she has decided that jumping off her toy box is a good idea...not so much.

Her pretty bedding my Mom made, but I had to take her bumpers out because she was using them to stand on and climb out.

Her dress form to hold some of her tutu's, I'm thinking we are going to need the BIG dress form!

I added the crystal knobs to her dresser, love them!

PS I'm so sad\mad! My Mino Flip camera died for no reason!!!!! Ugh, I only had it for a little over a year and apparently it's common for them to just die and basically they only have a 90 day warranty, now I know why :( ANYWAYS I need a new one, but a different brand so has anyone used a different one? Suggestions?? okthanksbye.


  1. We have the same pink shelves. My 4.5 year old daughter is looking through the bedroom photos with me and she said she loves this room! ;)

  2. I love all the colors!! What a great room!!

  3. Love Madison's room so much. too cute! Gotta love all the feathers hanging from the lamp and message board.

  4. Oh my gosh her room is adorable! So fun!

  5. ha ha! that baby gate looks like a lid on her crib :) very cute room!

  6. This room is out of control cute. I need to pick up decorating tips from you!!!!

  7. I love her nursery oh my goodness it is SO cute and decorated so precious for a little girl :)

  8. I have a Canon SD780 and I love it.

    Love that baby girl's bedroom. It's so Madison!! Now, did you do the room to reflect her personality or did she become the personality to fit her room?

  9. That is the cutest room I have ever seen!

  10. no wonder she's a diva.. LOOK AT HER room! LOL

  11. I found you from Kelly's Korner and I adore Madison's room! I love all the pink and polka dots and feathers. Subscribing to you. :)

  12. SO, so cute! Growing up and all through college my rooms were always decked out in pinks with funky accessories- then when Ben and I moved in together all that went bye bye. I hope someday I have a daughter so that I can deck her room out big time! You did an awesome job on this!

  13. What a lucky girl she is to have such a cute room! I'm definitely jealous of kids these days - my walls were cream with Winnie the Pooh stickers on the walls... reeeeal exciting stuff, haha. :-)

  14. Wow, what a room! She's a lucky girl. :) And you're a great decorator!

  15. Love the decor in your little ones room!! Really Cute!!


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