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Hey all! Sorry I've been MIA all week.  It's been PUKE FEST TWENTY TEN here at my house.  Miss M gave it to Oliver and I, then to my Mom and both my in-laws and last I heard my sister wasn't feeling so hot.  Funny how when the hubs and I are laying in bed sick and Miss M needs a sippy he doesn't even TRY to act like he'll get up.  I mean at least fake it! Fun times.

I did make it to Canton of Friday and it was EXTREMELY crowded.  It makes it very difficult to shop properly when there are a hundred people in your way.  I had a good time though and of course came home with some cute stuff!

I saw this Newly Wed game on another blog (and I'm sorry I'm too lazy to go link it right now) and as I'm typing this I realized we are NOT newly weds. Oh well. It does prove Hubs pays attention occasionally :)

1. She’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen? Gossip Girl or The Housewives
Megan: True  true~ those are one of the few shows he doesn't like.  Gossip Girl rocks, come on!

2. You’re out to eat, what kind of dressing does she get on her salad? Honey Mustard
Megan: Correct! I love love love Ranch, but I haven't had it in over 2 years because it's loaded with calories.

3. What’s one food she doesn't like? Liver Dumplings or meat on the bone
Megan: Yes and HOW do I know I don't like Liver Dumplings, well because I was TRICKED into eating it! Not for me, uck.  Also I hate eating meat off the bone or taking meat off a bone it reminds me that I'm eating something from an animal.

4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what does she order? Diet Coke
Megan: Yup or tea.

5. What shirt size does she have? medium
Megan: Yes, but I think he was guessing low so he didn't get into trouble! I just got my boobs back into a medium.

6. What shoe size does she have? Eight
Megan: Yes and I'm pretty shocked he actually knew that!

7. What’s her favorite type of sandwich? Ham
Megan: Yes, but I usually get turkey because it's healthier.

8. What would she eat everyday if she could? Baby vitamins
Megan: Haha! 'Baby vitamins' are peanut M&M's and when I was preggo I used to eat them all the time and told him they were my vitamins and he couldn't have any.  Hence the 70 pounds I gained.

9. What is her favorite cereal? Fiber Plus Cinnamon Oats
Megan: Yes and the ONLY reason he knows this is because he's been eating MY cereal!

10. What would she never wear? No clue.
Megan: Yeah I didn't think he would have an answer for this. There are MANY things I wouldn't wear like the fringe cape thing I just saw at Old Navy, they are NOT coming back.

11. What is her favorite sports team? Doesn't have one.
Megan: True true ~ I watch ZERO sports on TV, but come to think of it neither does he.  Unless UFC is a sport???

14. What is something she does that you wish she wouldn’t do? I wish she would do laundry or take out the trash.
Megan: Yes, I hate both of those. Get over it!

15. What is her heritage? Polish
Megan: Yes, but that's pretty hard to forget when you know my maiden name.

16. You bake her a cake, what kind of cake? Chocolate!
Megan: Heart some chocolate cake, but I'm not picky!

17. Did she play sports in high school? No
Megan: WRONG! I played soccer.

18. What could she spend hours doing? Blogging
Megan:  If I had the time, yes I would! It's fun and I love reading blogs!

19. What is the unique talent that she has? The ability to annoy me.
Megan: Hmmm maybe I shouldn't have asked him to answer these at 530 in the morning....

20. What is her type of coffee? No clue, I don't drink that crap.
Megan: I love pretty much any type, I'm not picky.  My fav at SB's is a Soy Chai Latte with caramel.....heaven in a cup!

Miss M's mood was MUCH improved today so we spent the day hanging with Grandpa.
Thanks to a week of puking, I hit my pre-preggo weight! Silver lining huh?

She was hugging every tree she came across. My little nature lover :)

She had just as much fun at the dog park as the dogs did :)


  1. Sorry about the week of puking but CONGRATULATIONS on the pre-preggo weight, you're amazing!!

  2. So sorry to hear about all the hugging going on in your house - toilet hugging that is. Hmmm..not the baby though,. bless her little heart. Little ones always get so scared when they throw up.

    ITA, - no more fringed shawls. I lived that style once and never, ever again. If I need that much coverage I'll wear a blanket thank you very much.

  3. This was so cute. I am sorry you guys were so sick. I am glad you are feeling better now.

  4. Those photos are great, especially that last one with the puppy. I am glad the MM is feeling better!

  5. Stomach viruses are no fun. I'm so sorry. Congrats on getting to your pre baby weight though! I love the newlywed game. Maybe I'll annoy Jed and make him fill it out. :)

  6. Glad y'all are feeling better!

    Love that last picture of Miss M and the pup!!


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