He's learning....

My husband takes the WORST photos, he usually looks drunk or tired!  I've been working on him for YEARS and I think it's finally paying off!


Has he been drinking???

Doesn't even bother to look at the camera!
My biggest pet peeve...smiling with NO teeth!

Sleepy and drunk??!?!?


Finally a great shot of him! He's even SMIZING! (you know smiling with his eyes...one of his fav show is America's Next Top Model, he must be paying attention!)

The picture is from the amazing Kendra, go check her out!


  1. YES! the last one is great! My Mom takes a horrible picture all the time. She is just not comfortable with the camera. How did you finally get a good shot of him?

  2. I will have to keep working on my Mother! :>)

  3. Ha this cracked me up! Kent is not so bad in front of the camera but if I ever want to get in a picture and he takes it he just snaps without even looking at what he’s taking a picture of. I’m lucky if he gets half my face in it…ha! Now if he’s taking a picture of something he wants to take a picture of it’s a completely different story. He takes his time and gets all technical. He’s a funny man and Iove him dearly even if he doesn’t like to take my picture.

    Hehehe Kendra the amazing……that made me chuckle but THANK YOU! I think you’ll be happy there are a few more on your CD with your hubby’s perfected smile. :o)


  4. Love the last pic! :) Don't feel bad, my hubby always has one droopy eye in all of our pics, LOL.

    I hope you'll follow my brand new design site:


  5. You two are a movie star couple when Oliver smiles right, that is!

  6. You two are a movie star couple, that is, when Oliver finally smiles right!

  7. You two are a beautiful couple!!

  8. super cute picture of you guys..he looks fab!

  9. I love that picture of you guys!!


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