Days 9 and 10

Day 9~ My friends.

One of the best things about having a baby is making new friends!  Before I even gave birth I met a ton of mom's online though a popular baby website and after the kiddo's came we formed a Mommy group.  Well that crashed and burned due to conflicting personalities, we ARE a bunch of women after all :) BUT I did make 2 awesome friends who are always a blast to hang out with!!
ps hope you girls don't mind your pics on here!

This is Andrea and it's a funny story on how we met.  We got to chatting on another website for babies and then found out I actually went to high school with her husband!  Then we realized that we had our little girls 1 day apart at the same hospital from the same doctor! What a small world :)  She's a blast to hang out with and one of these days I'm going to make her teach me how to sew.

This is Amber.  We met through Mommy Group and we have SOOOOO much in common it's weird!  She's very laid back and I love that about her.  She's a teacher so during the summer we spent quite a bit of time hanging by the pool letting the girls swim :)  We both are so busy we definitely don't see each other enough, I would be ecstatic if we lived next door to each other!!  Plus her daughter is much better behaved than Miss M so I'm hoping it will rub off, ha!

Day 10~ Something you are afraid of.

OK, don't laugh, but the number one thing I'm afraid of is the dark!  Yes, I know I'm an adult and there are NOT monsters or serial killers in my house, but I can't help it.  I always leave lights on and have night lights all over my house.

I HATE HATE HATE things that fly! Bee's, dragonflies, wasps, dirt dobbers, ugh.  I FREAK out and scream while running away, we happen to have a poor hummingbird who likes our backyard and looks like a giant flying rat!  I scream everytime it comes near me, they are so loud!

{{shudder}} the dentist...need I say more?

I also finished painting my dining room and I used my stencil and I'm totally addicted to stenciling now!  I plan to post pics of it this weekend :) Stay tuned because your going to need to go buy your own to do!

Little Miss M got caught with her hand in the cookie jar today...


  1. THAT last pic is my fav! :) SO cute!

  2. Could that picture with a mouth full of Nilla wafers be any cuter??? Afraid of the dentist??? I'm sorry. I love going for my cleanings and once almost fell asleep. To me it's like getting a massage. Now....ask me if I need real work, :)

  3. You're not alone. I freak out when I hear a flying thing buzzing around my head. ICK.


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