Day 6, 7, and 8

Day 6~ A picture that makes me happy!

Well, I just really couldn't narrow it down to just 1.  Honestly, I have so many pictures I just chose some from within the last month. 
My hubs actually cooking!  Since I don't 'work' outside the home and all it's usually my 'job' to do dinner, but some days it's just nice to eat a meal with out the hassle of cooking it!  Plus he made homemade pizza and it was so yummmmmy!!!

I bought these a while ago in Canton on sale and she wore them for the first time and I'm totally jealous!  I need some rhinestone boots :)

Day 7~ Favorite Movie

I'm not a big movie buff, unlike my husband who can watch movies all day everyday~ even if he has already seen them.  My favorite type of movie is Rom-Com and I super super super dislike, borderline hate, scary movies.  Those just happen to be the ones O likes so we very rarely watch movies together!

I heart period movies too, these are some of my favs:

Day 8~ Places I've been...
These are just some of the trips I've taken in the last few years.

Belgium~ and I ate a ton of chocolate! Heaven!!

Colorado~ Grand Mesa. SO beautiful, but the 45 minute drive up and down the mountain really really gets old :)

Den Haag.  My first trip to Europe and it was AH-MA-ZING!

Jamaica for my honeymoon.  Gorgeous water, weather, and food.  Plus unlimited alcohol, perfect vacay!

Lake Michigan this last summer.  Love love love this lake because you don't have to worry something is going to eat you!   Plus they have the cutest little towns for shopping :)

Paris. Enough said.

OBX BABY!! This is our favorite vacay spot, but it's so far (24 hour car ride!) and trying to get everyone to go together is a hassle, but a perfect family vacation spot!


  1. You sounds like be and being excited with your Hubbs cooking - my house is the same way now that I'm a SAHM :)

    Love all the pictures :) You are so lucky to have traveled all those beautiful places - We had our honeymoon in Jamaica too and OBX is the perfect family vacay spot

  2. What fun pics. Her boots are adorable. I need to get my Landyn some :)

  3. Love the boots. So cute.

    And those vacay spots.....I'll just sit here and dream : )

  4. What wonderful places to visit. You've been to a lot of them! :)

  5. WOW! I thought 6 hours to the OBX was a lot! I can't imagine 24 hours! Do you guys drive up and around or do you usually take the ferry? At least if you take the ferry, you have two hours of out-of-the-car travel!


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