30 day blog challenge

I'm not the best at keeping up with things daily.  Remember Project Life?  Yeah, I'm a little behind, oops!  No worries, I have plenty of pics I just need to print them and put them in!

So despite my bad track record I've decided to join in the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  I'm a little behind so here's 1,2 and yes 3~

Day 1: Me and 15 interesting facts.

This is the most recent picture of myself I could find and it's from August!  Geez, my pic folders are full of YOU KNOW WHO :)

**edited: Duh, I forget some of y'all don't KNOW me...my name is Megan!

1. I'm pretty easy going and laid back.
2. My carpet needs to have vacuum marks or I can't be comfortable at home
3.  I hate eating leftovers
4.  I have not had REAL ranch dressing in over 2 years, I miss it.
5.  I'm addicted to technology and I don't care
6. I'm a little spoiled, but at least I know it
7.  I hate bee's and even ran off and left Madi when one came near us.
8.  I hated breastfeeding, but did it for her.  I just don't like to be hung on so much!
9.  I'm really bossy, especially to my hubs.
10.  I get in a really bad mood if I don't get in a good workout
11.  I speed all the time, but never run yellow lights.
12.  I hate staying home all day which is why I suck at being a stay at home mom.
13.  Living on a budget sucks after being DINKS for so long (2 incomes no kids)
14.  I really have the best mother AND mother in law ever. ie...why I'm so spoiled :)
15.  I'm so ready for cooler weather here, I could scream! I want to sport some boots!!

Day 2~ Meaning behind my blog name:

I just picked it the day I started a blog because I liked it!  She does lead a charmed life you know...what the princess wants the princess gets.

Day 3~ My first love:

My first love was in the 7th grade and his name was Jared.  We used to get into trouble for making out in the hallway, but then I dumped him for a high school cutie who was in band with me.  What can I say?


  1. I'm with you on 2, 3, 6 and 10 :) You are very honest and I like honesty in a person.

    I'm not just spoiled, I'm spoiled rotten!! Just the way I like it....

  2. NO way. Def. just have a good attitude and don't let them have a clue you think they are having the terrible twos. Just let 'em believe they are in the curious twos and the exploring twos. LIFE is so wonderful!

  3. I'm like you too - spoiled and know it :) but that means your are loved and happy right?!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I visited yours when you began the challenge.

    Love your 1st love story. So 7th grade, ha

    Stop by my blog anytime. I may need some mommy advice : )

  5. I am scared of bees too!!!! Why haven't you had ranch dressing in so long? I am really curious!


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