We have been adopted.

I love dogs, just not on my bed or carpet or well anywhere in my house.  Grandma has 2 really cute ones and visiting them a few times a week is all I can take.  I just can't take the mess of dog hair and drool.  So when a stray started hanging around our house I just ignored him.  Days turned to weeks and he's still there, giving me pitiful stares everytime I leave the house.  Oliver even accused me of feeding him because he just sleeps in our yard even though there are plenty to choose from.  Well, I was about to call the city to come and get him when a neighbor down the street said he's been feeding him and trying to get close enough to take him in.  Apparently this dog is in love with Miss Madi and I and comes running everytime he here's M's screams outside.

See those sad eyes?

She was trying to share her water with him.

No wonder this dog loves her, she found a stick to throw for him.

Everywhere we go so does the dog.

I'm working on a future soccer player here!

I really do feel bad for him, but I just can't take in any more pets\kids\messiness!  He followed me on a 2 mile run yesterday so now I'm sure everyone in the neighborhood thinks he's mine :)


Berry Fairy

My sweet {non-smiling} berry fairy who at this moment is having an entire conversation with herself in the mirror.  Cutest thing ever! (I would totally post a video of it, but OH WAIT my Flip died.  No worries I ordered the Kodak one and it's on the way!!)

Photo's taken by the {{amazing}} Kendra


He's learning....

My husband takes the WORST photos, he usually looks drunk or tired!  I've been working on him for YEARS and I think it's finally paying off!


Has he been drinking???

Doesn't even bother to look at the camera!
My biggest pet peeve...smiling with NO teeth!

Sleepy and drunk??!?!?


Finally a great shot of him! He's even SMIZING! (you know smiling with his eyes...one of his fav show is America's Next Top Model, he must be paying attention!)

The picture is from the amazing Kendra, go check her out!


Dining Room Stenciling!

So remember how I won a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil?  I'm SO IN LOVE.  So easy to use and the stencil is such good quality, even I didn't mess it up!  I'm definitely buying another one to use in my living room!!

Now I need want a new rug, curtains, and table :) All in good time, I guess.

I was a little worried about painting the entire room grey, but I'm so in lust with it I plan to do a similar shade in the living room.

I felt it needed something extra so I added some white ones in too.

I took the ugly gold mirror and painted it white, then added my favorite glaze. Love.

My Mom made me this coffee filter wreath, I placed it on a mirror and put an empty frame around it.

Of course I added some family pics because you know I have a million of 'em!

Do ya love my wooden bowl with the hanging crystals?  Just one of the many reasons I enjoy shopping at Canton!

We had rain, rain and more rain today.  I totally missed a birthday party because it was POURING so hard I couldn't see the highway (so scary!).  I'm still bummed, but look at the beautiful sunset in my backyard!


Miss Madison's room

I'm interrupting my 30 day blog challenge to hang over at Kelly's Korner today for Show us your life: Kids rooms. I heart my baby girl's room so I thought I would share it with some of you who haven't seen it!

I turned her crib backward to keep her from climbing out and then she started getting over the side, hence the baby gate placed vertically next to her crib!

 I would love to add more shelving for pics, but she's still in the 'grab everything within my reach' stage, so it'll have to wait.

I bought this before I even knew she was a girl....good thing it didn't go to waste!

I spray painted these metal framed mirrors to match her room and added the ribbon.

Who doesn't love a huge glittered letter?

I have pictures EVERYWHERE, scrapbooks too!

Yeah she has decided that jumping off her toy box is a good idea...not so much.

Her pretty bedding my Mom made, but I had to take her bumpers out because she was using them to stand on and climb out.

Her dress form to hold some of her tutu's, I'm thinking we are going to need the BIG dress form!

I added the crystal knobs to her dresser, love them!

PS I'm so sad\mad! My Mino Flip camera died for no reason!!!!! Ugh, I only had it for a little over a year and apparently it's common for them to just die and basically they only have a 90 day warranty, now I know why :( ANYWAYS I need a new one, but a different brand so has anyone used a different one? Suggestions?? okthanksbye.


Days 9 and 10

Day 9~ My friends.

One of the best things about having a baby is making new friends!  Before I even gave birth I met a ton of mom's online though a popular baby website and after the kiddo's came we formed a Mommy group.  Well that crashed and burned due to conflicting personalities, we ARE a bunch of women after all :) BUT I did make 2 awesome friends who are always a blast to hang out with!!
ps hope you girls don't mind your pics on here!

This is Andrea and it's a funny story on how we met.  We got to chatting on another website for babies and then found out I actually went to high school with her husband!  Then we realized that we had our little girls 1 day apart at the same hospital from the same doctor! What a small world :)  She's a blast to hang out with and one of these days I'm going to make her teach me how to sew.

This is Amber.  We met through Mommy Group and we have SOOOOO much in common it's weird!  She's very laid back and I love that about her.  She's a teacher so during the summer we spent quite a bit of time hanging by the pool letting the girls swim :)  We both are so busy we definitely don't see each other enough, I would be ecstatic if we lived next door to each other!!  Plus her daughter is much better behaved than Miss M so I'm hoping it will rub off, ha!

Day 10~ Something you are afraid of.

OK, don't laugh, but the number one thing I'm afraid of is the dark!  Yes, I know I'm an adult and there are NOT monsters or serial killers in my house, but I can't help it.  I always leave lights on and have night lights all over my house.

I HATE HATE HATE things that fly! Bee's, dragonflies, wasps, dirt dobbers, ugh.  I FREAK out and scream while running away, we happen to have a poor hummingbird who likes our backyard and looks like a giant flying rat!  I scream everytime it comes near me, they are so loud!

{{shudder}} the dentist...need I say more?

I also finished painting my dining room and I used my stencil and I'm totally addicted to stenciling now!  I plan to post pics of it this weekend :) Stay tuned because your going to need to go buy your own to do!

Little Miss M got caught with her hand in the cookie jar today...


Day 6, 7, and 8

Day 6~ A picture that makes me happy!

Well, I just really couldn't narrow it down to just 1.  Honestly, I have so many pictures I just chose some from within the last month. 
My hubs actually cooking!  Since I don't 'work' outside the home and all it's usually my 'job' to do dinner, but some days it's just nice to eat a meal with out the hassle of cooking it!  Plus he made homemade pizza and it was so yummmmmy!!!

I bought these a while ago in Canton on sale and she wore them for the first time and I'm totally jealous!  I need some rhinestone boots :)

Day 7~ Favorite Movie

I'm not a big movie buff, unlike my husband who can watch movies all day everyday~ even if he has already seen them.  My favorite type of movie is Rom-Com and I super super super dislike, borderline hate, scary movies.  Those just happen to be the ones O likes so we very rarely watch movies together!

I heart period movies too, these are some of my favs:

Day 8~ Places I've been...
These are just some of the trips I've taken in the last few years.

Belgium~ and I ate a ton of chocolate! Heaven!!

Colorado~ Grand Mesa. SO beautiful, but the 45 minute drive up and down the mountain really really gets old :)

Den Haag.  My first trip to Europe and it was AH-MA-ZING!

Jamaica for my honeymoon.  Gorgeous water, weather, and food.  Plus unlimited alcohol, perfect vacay!

Lake Michigan this last summer.  Love love love this lake because you don't have to worry something is going to eat you!   Plus they have the cutest little towns for shopping :)

Paris. Enough said.

OBX BABY!! This is our favorite vacay spot, but it's so far (24 hour car ride!) and trying to get everyone to go together is a hassle, but a perfect family vacation spot!


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