Infusion of some cuteness!

Miss Madison now likes to wear my shoes around the house.  Currently I'm miss 1 from 2 different pairs.

The girl is OBSESSED with Sesame Street.  I had to move her rocker in to the bedroom or that's the only show we would see allllll day.

She's actually turning in to a good little helper!  Here she is helping daddy put away the groceries and she will move the rug for me when I vacuum.  Seriously can't wait for her to start doing some chores :)

I taught her how to apply blush.

Which is such a waste on a toddler because they eat like this.

Maybe soon I can show her how to do her hair.

I joined a soccer league!  My new number, I'm so excited!  I love love love playing soccer because I get to be aggressive :)  So every weekend Miss M gets to come and cheer me on, hopefully she will refrain from running out on to the field.


  1. Megan,
    Um I didn't know you played soccer?! Well now you so have to show Kelcee some moves LOL....

    Miss M and Kelcee would get along great....Kelcee loves me putting blush and lipgloss on her....I agree it sure doesn't last long....those pics of Madison are just Adorable....

    Girl I feel ya on the watching tv....I always said I wouldn't put a TV in Kelcee's room until she was older but then I was all for it when are big screen always ways playing Seasame Street hahhaa
    So I moved my bedroom flatscreen in her room and now we have our living room tv back, she still has the family room one....hahahah

    glad ya'll had a great weekend
    she is such a cute little helper

    Summer :0)

  2. What cute photos! I just love this age. That's too funny about your flip flops.

  3. Love the picture of her messy hair...so cute! Soccer should be fun. I have a few friends that started a softball team but I had no idea they had soccer leagues for adults, how fun!


  4. Ohh my goodness, total cuteness! How cool you play soccer! Good luck!

  5. As you saw Ethan puts our shoes on as well right now. Maybe its the age of the "shoes"?lol.
    She seems like a lot of fun like Ethan..maybe more work then fun, but still cute as ever!

  6. Love these pictures, so cute!! And I can relate to the love of Sesame Street, Paul is the same way, he really loves Elmo.

  7. MM is too cute!

    I am so jealous of your soccer league! I played or 8 years growing up but haven't played since, well, forever, so I am too scared to join one!

  8. Those pics are PRESH! She wants to be just like her mommy! Cuteness!

  9. Aw, so cute. Since she shows love of shoes now, watch out! It'll only get worse when she gets older! :)


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