Master Bedroom

We are touring master bedrooms today over at Kelly's Korner!  I'm in love with most of mine, but you know things never stay the same long :)

View from the doorway.  Y'all know I'm so in love with Zebra right? It's kinda all over my house :)

My shelf and vanity I redid here.

My bedding is from Home Goods, it's actually one of like 3 sets I have for this bed.  I'm into the black and white right now.

The giant wall that drives me crazy because I can't come up with something fabulous to do to it! Suggestions??

On the red wall that I'm kinda over.  I'm dreaming of a light teal color for the walls now...

The dresser, again the rockin' lamp is from Home Goods.

I turned this random picture (when was I into ballerinas??) and made these...

This is a pretty permanent fixture in here too.  It where she goes to watch 'her' shows :) Of course she needs 2 giant pillows to watch tv...what princess doesn't?

So any recommendations on the giant wall? How do you feel about a light turquoise on the walls?


  1. I love the vanity and The LOVE SIGN (did you make that)?

  2. For some crazy reason I decided I wanted my dining room painted red. Little did I know how hard it is to paint with red (it needs multiple coats and bled down onto my chair railing). I bet the turquoise would look great. We have a light blue/gray on our master bedroom walls. Very relaxing and spa-like but I didn't link up today:-(

  3. Megan,
    are you sure we are not long lost sisters?!? Eeeeeeeeeeeek if you could pick my brain and ask me what my dream bedroom would look like yours my friend would be it....Love it....The zebra rug, the lamp where did you get that lamp by the way? I love that picture and frame with the neat scrapbooking have I told you? how cute is that and I love what you did with the vanity and that bedding is gorg....be prepared if you hop over to my site my bedroom right now is BORING but if you see the pic of what I want it is all zebra girlie....LOL Madison is so cute as usual....

    Summer ;)

  4. Love all of your crafty projects!


  5. What a beautiful bedroom and of course it wouldn't be complete without Miss Madison. I love that vanity and wish I could find one for my bedroom.

  6. You are so crafty and cute!! LOVE IT!

  7. I think something over the bed on that wall would be good. What about some kind of vinyl decoration - maybe a quote? Or the first letter of your last name? It could be black to tie in with the bedding.

  8. I LOVE the red! You did a great job with those prints, too!


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