I heart my vanity

So in honor of the weather falling under a 100 degrees, I decided it was time to do some projects that have been driving my husband crazy by cluttering up HIS garage.

I started with this stand so I could make sure the color I used was pretty.  As you can see the baby gate isn't really working too well for me.

The color I used was Barcelona White and is beautiful!  It's a creamy off white that I'm definitely going to be using in the future!

Doesn't my antique scale look fabulous?

This vanity my Mom gave to me for free.  It's seen better days after being used by my less than cleanly sister!  I literally had to scrub all the makeup and gunk off for hours.

Excuse my messy garage :)

This is with just the paint.

I thought it needed some shabbiness.

So I used some RL glaze, tinted with black paint, brushed it on and used a damp rag to wipe it off.

I love it! I really think it brings out the woodwork!

I also added some new pulls from HD.

I love her curves.

I just happened to have the perfect pink chair, my Mom made me, to go with it.  She even put my name on the cushion.

I have a little nook in my bedroom that was just waiting for it!

And because I just can't do a post without this cutie now you see the reason decorative balls don't really work around here :)  Yes, she wears this shirt a lot because everytime she get her top dirty and Oliver changes her this is what he puts on her.


  1. Wow, you did great redoing both pieces of furniture. I love that vanity and it turned out soooo good. Truth be told, I think your best "project" is the little miss in her Don't Mess With Texas shirt. :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the furniture! You have great style! :)

  3. OOoh I love what you did. It is all so beautiful!

  4. wow everything turned out so nice!! you did a great job.

  5. wow! the furniture looks awesome! i love the vanity...i can't wait to have one! and of course the little miss looks adorable!


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