Master Bedroom

We are touring master bedrooms today over at Kelly's Korner!  I'm in love with most of mine, but you know things never stay the same long :)

View from the doorway.  Y'all know I'm so in love with Zebra right? It's kinda all over my house :)

My shelf and vanity I redid here.

My bedding is from Home Goods, it's actually one of like 3 sets I have for this bed.  I'm into the black and white right now.

The giant wall that drives me crazy because I can't come up with something fabulous to do to it! Suggestions??

On the red wall that I'm kinda over.  I'm dreaming of a light teal color for the walls now...

The dresser, again the rockin' lamp is from Home Goods.

I turned this random picture (when was I into ballerinas??) and made these...

This is a pretty permanent fixture in here too.  It where she goes to watch 'her' shows :) Of course she needs 2 giant pillows to watch tv...what princess doesn't?

So any recommendations on the giant wall? How do you feel about a light turquoise on the walls?


Keep Calm

I'm #21!  We lost, but only by 1 :)  It was STEAMY HOT and I am sooooooo freaking ready for fall!!

My little cheerleader was such a good girl!

How adorable are these?? You can go to this website and make your own, I printed them out at a CopyMax for less than a dollar! 

Of course I had to put one in my kitchen!

Why is the rain making our Wolf Spiders grow so big?? Ewwwwwwww.  Miss Kitty is about to be out on the street if she doesn't start killing the ones in the house!



Infusion of some cuteness!

Miss Madison now likes to wear my shoes around the house.  Currently I'm miss 1 from 2 different pairs.

The girl is OBSESSED with Sesame Street.  I had to move her rocker in to the bedroom or that's the only show we would see allllll day.

She's actually turning in to a good little helper!  Here she is helping daddy put away the groceries and she will move the rug for me when I vacuum.  Seriously can't wait for her to start doing some chores :)

I taught her how to apply blush.

Which is such a waste on a toddler because they eat like this.

Maybe soon I can show her how to do her hair.

I joined a soccer league!  My new number, I'm so excited!  I love love love playing soccer because I get to be aggressive :)  So every weekend Miss M gets to come and cheer me on, hopefully she will refrain from running out on to the field.


To Aunt Katie

Happy Birthday Aunt Katie.

We love you even when you take crazy pictures with Miss M.

because you show up on Halloween as Tigger to entertain....

and think it's cute to put her in the dog crate while babysitting...

your lots of fun and the best Aunt ever.

We love you!


I heart my vanity

So in honor of the weather falling under a 100 degrees, I decided it was time to do some projects that have been driving my husband crazy by cluttering up HIS garage.

I started with this stand so I could make sure the color I used was pretty.  As you can see the baby gate isn't really working too well for me.

The color I used was Barcelona White and is beautiful!  It's a creamy off white that I'm definitely going to be using in the future!

Doesn't my antique scale look fabulous?

This vanity my Mom gave to me for free.  It's seen better days after being used by my less than cleanly sister!  I literally had to scrub all the makeup and gunk off for hours.

Excuse my messy garage :)

This is with just the paint.

I thought it needed some shabbiness.

So I used some RL glaze, tinted with black paint, brushed it on and used a damp rag to wipe it off.

I love it! I really think it brings out the woodwork!

I also added some new pulls from HD.

I love her curves.

I just happened to have the perfect pink chair, my Mom made me, to go with it.  She even put my name on the cushion.

I have a little nook in my bedroom that was just waiting for it!

And because I just can't do a post without this cutie now you see the reason decorative balls don't really work around here :)  Yes, she wears this shirt a lot because everytime she get her top dirty and Oliver changes her this is what he puts on her.


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