What to do if you've given birth to a monkey.

Night Night time Miss Madison.

Or not.

I considered letting her sleep on the floor.

Instead I turned her crib around and she's not really happy that I'm smarter than her :)

I totally jinxed myself because 2 days ago she was super mad in her crib and threw everything out and on the floor.  I told Oliver "well at least we don't have to worry about her using stuff to climb out".  I'm eating my words!  Oliver found her on the floor in front of her crib this morning. When will I learn to shut my mouth!


  1. OH Genius idea, BTW LOVE her room and the colors and of course she's adorable but she gets that from her beautiful mommy!

  2. Bless the little monkey and her smart monkey!

  3. Um I gave birth to a little monkey two and she was in a toddler bed before she was two because she would do just like miss madison LOL

    How cute is her room....love it....we have lots in common girlie....

    Madison is so presh....I laughed out loud in how you turned the crib around pure genius wish I would have thought of that LOL

    Love that pic of you two

    Summer :)

  4. Remember these days when she is 14 and you can't get her to move, especially from her bed :)

  5. OMG! I seriously feel for you! My daughter could climb out at a really young age too! She couldn't walk but she could escape! Smart thinking flipping it around though...it was a nice thought ;)

  6. You look gorgeous in this picture!

    And I am DYING over that wall with the polka dots!

  7. Seemed like a good idea to me! I’ve seen those little tent type things that you can put over the crib to keep them from climbing out. I had a friend that had to use one and it helped keep her little monkey tucked in safe and sound.

  8. What an adorable room! I love your idea of turning the crib around, we never thought of that

  9. Ellie used to do it too. We ended up making it a toddler bed because she never stayed in it anyways. LOL!!! Love her room by the way!! XOXO


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