Wait for it on DVD

OK so after all the hype about this movie from women and blogs everywhere I begged my Hubs to come get the baby so I could finally go see a movie.  Big waste of a favor!  I didn't read the book, but it must have been good for them to go make a movie about it.  I love me some JR, but this movie was slooooooow and long.  Do you ever sit in a theater and wish the movie would hurry up and end?  That's how I felt.  I think this is one that is better rented from Redbox so you can take breaks in between the drama.  It needed some more lighthearted moments. Really disappointed, plus I got really hungry watching her eat all that yummy food in Italy.

Before the movie we headed to the mall where I spent 30 minutes at Gymboree picking out cute outfits only to get to the register and realize the coupon starts NEXT week. Bummer.  We went over to the dessert shop across the way and Miss M loved the big bean bag and didn't want to leave.  I so need one of those at home!

I get to keep the kitty!  Took him to the vet and nothing nasty going on, plus him and Miss M have become BFF.  We named him Mr. Kitty because our other cat is Miss Kitty, well Mrs. Kitty now :)  Super affectionate!!

So what are my big plans after spending the last 5 weeks doing Calculus?  Yeah, cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. Fun.


  1. I haven't read the book, either, so I'm glad you gave that review. I'm not gonna run out and see it, so waiting for the DVD sounds like the better idea for me.

  2. I love julia roberts too! I never get to go see a movie so I wasn't worried about wasting money on the theatre! LOL the last time I saw a movie was Harry Potter July 15th 2009!

  3. For some reason I just don't want to see that movie. My kids love the bean bag chair store, they are so comfy! I am glad you get to keep mr kitty!

  4. I am SO SAD that nobody is liking this movie because Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorite authors and Eat Pray Love really is an epic novel (I also enjoyed her recent book Committed, although different then EPL). Hopefully the movie wont dissuade you from reading the book because it truly is a great read.

  5. I haven't read the book but everybody is sure making this movie out to be something. Thanks for the warning though I never get to the movies. Maybe I'll just get the book instead.

  6. I love Julia Roberts too and I was gonna ask the hubs to see it with me but I think now I am gonna save my favor LOL...thanks for the heads up...

    Oh girlie you are not alone on the gymbo ordeal, I have totally went in the madness of the store crowd, picked out everything, had all my gymbucks ready, so excited about my deal only to realize oopsy the sale starts next week....uggggggggggggggggg what do I do....I just buy it because I couldn't find a bargain if it smacked me in the head LOL....I try so hard....never happens....

    Summer :0)

  7. Thanks for the movie review. I haven't read the book, so I'll just wait for the dvd or dollar movie.

  8. I keep trying to leave a comment, and my server keeps crashing. Thanks for the movie review. I haven't read the book either so I'm waiting for the dollar movie or dvd.

  9. My internet has been giving me troubles so if you end up with a ton of comments from me, that's the deal. Thanks for the movie review. I will definitely wait for the dvd or dollar movie.

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