Top 2 Tuesday

It's Tuesday which is Top 2 Day or in my world, Exam 4 of Calculus. Ugh. 

Skip on over and check out Tay for other tips!

My 2 tips are weight-loss related because I'm all about it right now.

Tip 1:

Switch it up!  I get easily bored at the gym. 20 minutes running, 20 minutes on legs, 20 minutes on arms, blah blah blah!  Interval training is the way to get a great heart pumping workout and make the time fly.  Also weight training is the best way to make your body work for you on your off days.  If you click on the links they take you to my favorite online resource Trainer Momma, she breaks it down for ya!

Tip 2:

Count your calories.  I know it sucks and I dread doing it, but seriously it works.  Now because I suck at it what I do is write down everything I eat for 1 week so I have an idea what I'm sitting at.  Like yesterday I only ate 1570 and burned 995 working out.  That's not enough for my body to run on so in the end my body holds on to my weight and I've done all that sweating for nothing.  Now I know and can adjust my eating and get back on track.  Wonder why the weight is not coming off?  This will tell you :)

Hope you enjoyed my tips!

Miss Madison says hi...
and don't forget to drink your milk :)


  1. i keep hearing more and more about interval training - i may have to give it a shot! thanks for the tips :)

  2. i keep hearing more and more about interval training - i may have to give it a shot! thanks for the tips :)

  3. Great Health tips!! I am one of those people that gets bored with exercise so I definitely need to take your advice and change up my workout!!


  4. Hi there! I'm your newest follower! I hopped over from Taylors blog!
    Love your weightloss tips!
    And congrats on your weightloss lady!

  5. perfecto tips
    great motivation

  6. These tips are great. I just started working out, and I needed to hear this!

    I'm stopping by from Top Two Tuesday

  7. aww! she is too cute! and I LOVE your tips and the pics you used!

  8. Stopping by from top 2 tuesday! Love your pics :) Your daughter is adorable!!

  9. Hey girl-that cupcake looks amazing!

    You won the TJ Maxx giveaway! Send me your address so I can mail it to ya.


  10. I always appreciate weight loss tips!!

  11. I sooo badly want to go for an early morning run tomorrow
    maybe I will haha


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