It was pretty rough

My husband FINALLY gave in and let me get Miss M's ears done!
I had a really sweet reader send me an email with a list of reasons why you should get them done early.  I deleted the email so I'm sending out a big THANK YOU to her!  What finally put him on my side was showing him a few pics of her looking, well, like a BOY.  The earring are so cute and feminine!

So here's how it went down.

She woke up in a crappy mood and was cranky most of the day.

I figured cranky or not we were getting it done.  She's going to cry either way.  If you live in DFW I HIGHLY recommend La Lobe, they specialize in babies and she is very fast!  It's pretty pricey, ummm don't tell my Husband, but totally worth it.  Oh and make an appointment they are CRAZY busy!

I knew it was not a good sign when Miss M FREAKED out after the lady marked her ears with a marker. 

Trying to distract her.  It worked until I had to hold her against my chest.  I'm pretty sure she hated that more than a needle in her ear.

What else besides chocolate ice cream can make you feel better?

All's forgiven!  Boy this girl's a cutie with those big Angelina Jolie lips and blinged out ears!  So far she hasn't played with them she fussed a little when I turned them, but other than that we are good.


  1. I was noticing her lips!! so precious. I had my girls ears pierced early too!

  2. Sooooo adorable!! My grand, Hannah, had her ears pierced here in Oregon when they were visiting last month. It was very traumatic for me to see her hurting, and I cried when she cried, but the pain was over as soon as she saw the earrings.

    Oh, those lips - she could be a lipstick model - when she grows up, of course. :)

  3. Jim won't let me get our daughter's ears pierced either! (if this baby is a girl like I think she is) Maddi looks cute! She'll look more like a girl when her hair grows more! hehehe..

  4. Awww....so precious! If I didn't have my ears done, I'd want them pierced at that place! We found out that we are having a little girl and my hubby actually suggested that we get her ears pierced early. Do you think there are any drawbacks about getting them done while they are a baby? I'm thinking infection wise or allergice reactions? Though I realize that infections will probably just be WAY cut down as I'd be the one cleaning and turning them. Hmm...I'm kind of wanting to pierce them now! :)

  5. Awe - She looks so cute. Glad it went well.

  6. Awww! I plan on getting our littlest ones done before she is a year old, so that she doesnt pull them out! How cute!

  7. I love babies with pierced ears! My dad got mine pierced when I was a wee babe. I'm passing this on to a friend with a 3 month old.


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