I'm so bored

With my hair! I've debated growing it long, but this is what I end up with.

Ponytails ponytails every.single.day.

Soooo I'm thinking of doing this...

A little business in the front and party in the back.

Totally joking people! All though I do have some love for Kate :)

I like this one, but I've had an A-line cut FOREVER and I'm kinda over it.

I like the length of this one, but the layered cut around the face can make you face look chubby.  I don't need any help in that area, thanks.

I don't know, maybe a little short?

Color! I can't decided!
Natural-ish. Kinda like what I have, kinda boring.

I love the contrast in this one, but without the red.  Been there done that and it fades to pink on me.

Beautiful blonde, like the length and her hair looks the same thickness as mine so this could work. Yes?

Help me decide! No more ponytails!!


  1. I got really scared when I saw the Kate Gosslin picture! Thank God you were kidding!

    I like Kristin Cavallari's (sp) haircut! Its chunky and chic. Have you googled Jenny McCarthy's bob? That's what I used to model when I cut off my hair last year.

    Good luck on your decision. Chopping off hair is always so fun!

  2. im the same...a messy ponytail every day. i like the shorter ones but will it bug you to pin your hair up with a thousand clips when you work out? does your hair do a natural "messy look" or will you have to style it every day? i cut my sisters hair into a long shaggy inbetween pixie and bob (i went to paul mitchell so i can cut hair! lol)..it works for her because she can wash it and go, and the front is long enough to pin back to exercise and the back is short enough it doesnt need to be pulled up.

  3. I like the last one!! That's my vote :)

  4. for a minute I thought you were serious about Kate's hair!! LOL I always like a basic bob! its easy and always looks nice.

  5. i had long hair too, well i do now again but i got a long bob and it was beautiful!!! looved it and super easy to fix!!

  6. I was in the same rut til last Thursday. I told my hairstylest no more clips or ponyies for me!! So it is cross between the Jessica Simpson look and the Kate look. My front is cut about to my chin with just one layer and the back is stacked. LOVE IT!!! I can still get a clip in and it has a nice Texas size poof to it!!! Good luck finding a new style!

  7. I like the last one the best... the one before you and maddie!

  8. I think any of them would look great on you but I love the last one for you!

  9. well you know i'm a fan on the aline! lol...but i think the aline or the cut kristin c has would look adorable on you!!

  10. I like the last one for you! It is really cute and I bet an easy to fix style!

  11. I too have my hair in a ponytail or a bun almost every day and I work in an office so it's not business appropriate to have EVERY DAY yet I refuse to cut it, I think I look chubbier when it's short and I like to fix it when we go out and stuff but I'm loving Kristin's hair and I think that you would rock it!

  12. Oh I'm so with you...I'm tired of rockin' the pony too! I really like the Kristin Cavalleri (sp?) look! I think that'd be so cut on you...oh gosh, just realized I'm totally ripping off Alicia's comment above...oh well, I do think it would look cute! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  13. Oh and that's a cute picture of you two!

  14. I think Kristin's hair looks the best, that is my vote! I'm with you too, my hair is in a ponytail everyday.

  15. I think Kristin's hair looks the best, that is my vote! I'm with you too, my hair is in a ponytail everyday.

  16. I always get bored with my hair. I'll cut bangs or layers, change color or chop it all off. At least it always grows back. :) I think the last cut/color would look fabulous on you!!! XOXO

  17. KCav's is my favorite! I'm the same way with my hair - when it's long, it's boring, when it's short, I wish it was long!


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